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Video: Heavy 777-300ER takeoff

Takeoff in Frankfurt for 11 hour flight & En Route Views of Greenland ( Plus d'info...

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Alan Hume 7
I love the way the wing flexes as the weight of the aircraft is transferred from the wheels to the wings and lift is achieved. To this day I am still amazed at how such heavy aircraft are capable of flying! All kudos to our aeronautical engineers.
David Beattie 3
The 787 is even more fun to watch! More wing flexing.
bentwing60 1
for you wing bend fans, watch this,
Guerry Bowen 6
Thank-you for sharing. Indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual experience of your flight's takeoff and the breathtaking view you had of Greenland. I now look forward to actually living that which you shared with us.

Thank-you again, and please keep up the great work.
Maurice Cohen 6
I love the wing flex!
Cleffer 3
Apparently there is a 777-300ER doing a route between JFK and Miami. International pod accommodations at first class domestic prices. Not too shabby.
Ian Marlier 1
American flies a -200 on the BOS-MIA route, no idea whether it has international seat layout though:
James Gallegos 1
Do you notice that the engine is so far forward of the wing that it isn't even a PART of the wing structure itself? I think the advancement in modern flight is the development of alloys that allow a behemoth of an engine to be connected to a lifting body by four measly bolts?!? (Just jesting... of course the engine isn't connected to the superstructure via "four measly bolts" or is it?)
ADXbear 1
Adi Rabadi 1
Can someone explain. Seems very low altitude for being over Greenland?
OnTheAve 3
It's an illusion as some of the mountains in Greenland are over 12,000 feet. You would be comparing that to sea level before reaching Greenland. This is different from flying over the Rockies west of Denver whose mountains are in that range as the Denver is already a mile-high so a difference of around 7,000 feet in your perception version of about 12,000.
David Ingram 1
I rode that route in 141's back in the early 70's. The only thing that melts in the summer in Greenland is the ice in the salt water. "Woman behind every tree".
GREAT video - thanks for sharing!

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Brad Forseth 4
I think it’s the frame rate of the camera
LethalThreat 0
Still had a steeper climb out than an A340. Very nice video!

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Leroy Keith 7
Did you see the flight over Greenland? Awesome!
srobak 6
you might want to look at the last minute and a half.

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