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Spirit Airlines launches its first flights to Miami

Spirit’s presence at MIA begins with service to nine destinations, which will grow to 31 nonstop options by the time expansions in November and January are complete. The carrier will serve 20 markets domestically and 11 internationally. Today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony included the announcement of the Free Spirit Flyaway, a nationwide promotion in which Spirit will give away 31 pairs of roundtrip tickets in honor of each of its nonstop routes from MIA. Even better—the only requirement for… ( Plus d'info...

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jeff slack 4
no thanks, I'll take the bus
Mark Underwood 0
There the worst airlines ever and I’d surely not fly with them period.they couldn’t pay me enough money to fly with them period I’d rather fly with southwest airline which I do fly with them. there the only airlines I’ll fly with period.
George Bocanegra 1
Great news for Miami! We don't have to drive up to FLL.

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