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Budget airline SkyUp says female flight attendants will no longer be forced to wear high heels and can opt for sneakers instead

A low-cost Ukrainian airline is no longer requiring its female cabin crew to wear high heels. SkyUp Airlines' female staff can now choose to wear sneakers and trousers, The BBC reported. The change marks a step away from old traditions that are overly focused on women's appearances. A low-cost Ukrainian airline is ditching its old uniform for female flight attendants that requires them to wear high heels and pencil skirts on board. SkyUp Airlines, one of the youngest budget airlines in… ( Plus d'info...

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linbb 3
What a deal this airline is almost into the current world of how to do things properly. Wonder if they still make the females wear short skirts? Wow thought the high heal thing died years back due to injuries and such.
David Isaacs 6
Considering the fact that high heels for passengers are discouraged because of issue in case of emergency evacuations, this makes sense. And it is a step in reducing objectification of female attendants.
Jim Ward 2
I remember when Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants
Wore go go boots and hot pants. Never mind the
Richard Loven 2
It used to be nice when you had nice, pretty and well dressed “Stewardess” like Melania Trump and Kate Middleton. Now you are stuck with Pant Suit Dog Meat like Hillary.
Greg Cotten 1
They cannot address passengers as Mr or Ms anymore to be PC, how can they ask Flight Attendants if they are male or female?
srobak 0
That's unfortunate. Without a doubt the best days of air travel were when high-heeled, knee-high boots were in. We really need to bring those days back.
Jean Johnson 1
May I assume that was sarcasm which doesn't always come across in the written word.
John Eliopoulos 0
No, and I agree. What’s next, baggy sweats and pajamas?
Josie Rojas 2
That’s because you don’t have to wear them (high heels) specially for several hours. I don’t think it will get to baggy sweats, etc. They even look ridiculous when passengers wear them. I personally dress comfortably elegant. I have even gotten upgraded to first class when my seat in the back is needed… and told that they like how I am dressed.

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