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What Are The World’s Oldest Active Passenger Aircraft?

In an increasingly modern aviation industry, many enthusiasts like to go the other way and seek out classic aircraft to photograph or even fly on. We recently took a look at the world’s oldest active Boeing 747s and 767s, but what about on a more general scale? As it happens, there are several active aircraft with well over half a century of service behind them! In an increasingly modern aviation industry, many enthusiasts like to go the other way and seek out classic aircraft to photograph or… ( Plus d'info...

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Bryan Nethery 12
Quoting the ages of aircraft to 2 decimal places... lol... I guess they don't teach about significant figures in journalism school. Curious what the practical considerations are for these older aircraft to maintain air worthiness.
btweston 1
Sick burn.

And here I thought there were more than ten months in a year.
Rob Hall 6
Buffalo Airways flies daily C-47, Electra, and DC-3 flights. Another DC-3 (PT6 engines) flies over my place almost daily doing survey work. 737-200's are buzzing around people to mining outposts. Not news.
D Kaufman 2
Wow. This IS news, to me. It'd be fun to fly on these, especially on their L-188 Electra.
Robert Gillette 3
Sorry to learn that Island Airlines in Ohio, which once flew Ford Trimotors to the Lake Erie Islands - a thrilling ride in the '60s - ceased operating in 1985. Wonder what happened to its four aircraft.
Bob Hammer 6
Take flight in one of them next weekend!
bentwing60 3
Per the title, there are still a few A model Bonanzas out there! The spawn is still in production.
James Mason 2
I was fortunate to be one of the few pilots to operate Air Canada's 1937 Lockheed L10A Electra CF-TCC...Although logging only 48hrs in 2006-2008 on special anniversary, promotional and charity flights, it was nice to re-live the the hands-on operations of that era... much different than the digital environment pilots are accustomed to now.
Alan Dahl 1
I bet there are several AN-2s still flying that date back to it's introduction in 1947 among the thousands still flying in Russia and around the world.

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