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View of Tsunami From Inside Sendai Airport

Video shot from inside Japan's Sendai Airport after the earthquake just as the tsunami surrounds the terminal ( Plus d'info...

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mark tufts 0
wow is all i can say
Wendell Smith 0
I'm speechless.
Ryan Pitt 0
Matt Pakula 0
speechless...words cannot describe!
Joel Rodriguez 0
Justin L 0
sad. my prayers go out to everyone affectedy by the earthquake/tsunami
John Dobson 0
Almost unbelievable to watch. Trying to imagine the huge noise that it must be making which you can't really hear from inside the terminal...
Patricia Stima 0
Unimaginable. Intense. Especially now...knowing the aftermath.
mike oakman 0
After this past week what next? I concur with Justin (travelguy77)
sirhempi 0
Oh my God.....
toolguy105 0
Thankfully they were inside and high enough to be spectators to the event. Also that the terminal was able to withstand the force of the water. It is unimaginable to even think what they were feeling.
Dur,dur, pour le JAPON !!!!!!
Nous sommes bien petit, devant la nature.
Mike hancock 0
Sad so Sad. My thoughts go out to everyone who have been effected by this unbelievable disaster. When will this ever end?
sergio damian 0
Greg Tinsley 0
So I guess their flight was delayed? :-) (trying to find a little humor in a tragic situation)
toolguy105 0
Unless it had pontoons (also humor)If you don't laugh you will cry. It is that type of situation.
Rem Siekmann 0
To see that many cars being floated away is awe inspiring, but it becomes more personal realizing that no more than 15 seconds before the water arrives, a person is seen running across a spot in the parking lot, probably not able to get to safety in that short time period. Lets continue to pray for that sad situation where the aftermath is still being felt nearly a month later.
Joan Verrette 0
Unbelievably sad,so much loss of people and loss for their country.
Joan Verrette 0
Unbelievably sad,for all the loss of people and the loss of their country. The Japanese will fight back. They are a strong nation.

David Thomson 0
Those poor bastards. My heart goes out to Japan, but I agree with Greg, you have to find humour in tragedy. It's how i deal with things.
kevin chambers 0
The airport has now been cleaned up by the US military and the SDF.

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