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Pan Am's Demise at 29

In Ask the Pilot: Clipper Conclusion. Hard to believe the end of Pan Am was 29 years ago. ( Plus d'info...

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vermaas 5
Those were great days to fly... I flew PanAm a lot, and they were incredibly generous with complimentary upgrades on transoceanic segments for their frequent fliers. Granted, the hard product was not comparable to current lie-flat seats, but service was outstanding and meals were prepared by a chef on the plane and were generally competitive with that in better restaurants.
Spencer Hoefer 4
It would be cool to see Pan Am revived after all these years.
vermaas 2
The PanAm name has been associated with a number of new startups (see but the efforts failed miserably for one reason or the other. Until recently there was even a PanAm railways with a fairly scattered reputation, but I understand that CSX is buying the company.
James Simms 1
CSX (otherwise known as Crash, Smash, or Xplode) may run into regulatory issues w/the Pan Am RR purchase as it would create a virtual monopoly in the New England states.
matt jensen 3
When we missed our LACSA flight, we were put on PAA's flight from SJO-MIA. Later that day, it was announced they had shutdown operations. Truly a sad day.
mbrews 2
- Many know of PanAms history with the flying boats, for its far flung service using amphibious aircraft. Following mergers between airlines, there are often rivalries. A long term PanAm captain (merged into Delta) said that Delta veterans jokingly called him "one of the Boat People" :)
Robert Mack 1
Some of the finest people one could ever meet flew for Pan Am. Bob Cassidy (Berlin), Kit Sanders (Berlin), Fran Stull (Berlin), Brian C. & Ken M. (JFK) - pioneers - mentors - good people with humility and class!
...So true of this airline....

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