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Airbus displaces Boeing as aerospace’s biggest company

Seattle’s tumultuous 2019 has seen it slip behind its European rival in our latest annual Top 100 rankings Airbus has ousted Boeing as aerospace’s biggest business after a year in which the 737 Max crisis led to the US manufacturer’s revenues plunging by a quarter. ( More...

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Ken Hardy 20
It all starts with Leadership and Boeing was more concerned with the share price and bottom line than the products so the Leadership went from Engineers to Bean Counters which always spells trouble long term. It takes a long time to earn trust and a short time to lose it, something the Commercial Division forgot.
patrick baker 3
the big deal is about short-term job cuts at boeing and airbus lasting for months or years. Demand will rebound and product offerings will happen to improve the fuel consumption of both manufacturers offerings. The airlines will buy or lease newer planes only when demand returns. Who knows when that will happen.....It is like a horse race, and the finish line is far away at this time.
Dan Woodman 5
Predicted when McD bought Boeing with Boeing's money. The leadership culture at McD didn't ruin just one manufacturer, they ruined two. Just took longer than people figured it might.

Achievement unlocked?
Profit over quality!
Greg Zelna 2
If it ain't Boeing, I aint going....Tough for a company to compete with a consortium I suppose...
Bob Alexander 2
and with government financing!
Phil Caron 2
What did anyone expect with ex-McDonald-Douglas management running Boeing? All those guys care about are bonuses and when they stop, they'll put the company up for sale after it goes bankrupt from the cash drains.
Who didn't see this happening. *YAWN*
SkyAware123 0
I know. shocker right?
Jamar Jackson 0
Its called Karma, we saw it coming.
Well said Mr Phil Caron
It won't last.No one cares really.
All i can see as caring are the companies #1 asset and that is all of the 30,000 jobs they cut and not to be forgotten , the investors who have lost a pot load of money.But they'll rebound.
HAH!!! That's funny. I remember when a corporation announced job cuts, and their stock plummeted.


Workers are considered a liability. Especially workers in America. I remember the first time I heard of a corporation cutting thousands of jobs, and MSNBC was reporting the stock surging. Yeah, I was shocked. American workers are a liability, and sending manufacturing to China isn't even close to being a liability? Yeah, sure... My sister dealt with programmers in India. Yeah, it very often didn't work out well, but the corporation was saving millions, and their products did not go down in price. Instant profit, and they just wanted more more more... More money. Lots more money! The more money the better. It's really disgusting.
Actually Wall Street has always loved job long as it wasn't job cuts on WallcStreet.
WhiteKnight77 1
It does not help that the US signed trade agreements and treaties that allowed for the shipment of jobs offshore as well as all the mergers and aquisitions that have now led to fewer companies that now look for said profits verses a quality product.


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