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Pratt & Whitney Forbidden To Deliver First PW150C Engine To China

Pratt & Whitney Forbidden To Deliver First PW150C engine for China's AVIC New MA-700 Aircraft ( Plus d'info...

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Alan Sanderson 6
Don't send them ANY ENGINES until they release the two Canadian engineers being held as Political Prisoners!
sparkie624 3
After what they have done with this virus and all the Human Rights violations.... They should be bared from trade with any country, and they should be 100% blockaded in (Nothing going in, and nothing coming out. No toleration for the actions of this country. they destroyed all the material that would have made a vaccine easier and it was made to be Chemical Warfare.
Trudeau won't say BOO to China!
Michael Meyers 3
They will just reverse engineer one they have access to and produce there own at a fraction of P&W product.
Robert Cowling 3

China has the blueprints and technical specs by now, and probably got them from Russia!

We are so screwed.

Alan Sanderson 3
No Chinese goods "in" ? There goes every new cellphone and tablet plus NO Dollar stores or Wal-Mart !
sparkie624 1
And the problem is where?
sparkie624 4
I feel this to be good news, in light of everything China has done, and all the Technology that they have stolen...
paul gilpin 1
there was more given away than stolen.
bentwing60 5
errr, they didn't give it away, they sold it!
Best news I've read in quite awhile.
sparkie624 1
LOL... There has not been much good news this week to be sure.
They will just steal one part at a time and before long be exporting them to us.
Paul Hurford 0
This was selected in error - I fully agree with the decision and gave it an up Vote

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