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British Airways Considering Early Retirement For The Boeing 747

IAG is considering early retirement of the British Airways Boeing 747 fleet. ( Plus d'info...

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That will be a shame - we always choose the upstairs Club World mini-cabin - but this is, sadly, a business decision based around survival. The 747 has served well, but fuel efficiency is the name of the game for the coming time (even if oil customers are currently being paid to take the stuff away from the oilwell!
Steven Palmer 1
THe author mentions the 5 airframes sent to Teruel in Northern Spain.
Actually there as far I can gather 3 storage areas starting with Bournemouth where they are considered to be in 'light' storage, then Teruel which perhaps could be considered medium term storage and 4 airframes were flown to Kemble in Gloucerstershire and I am fairly certain these will not leave except in pieces.
One of these airframes there has already been handed over to the scrapman.

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