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Golf legend Palmer to pilot his last flight

Long before Arnold Palmer piloted his first aircraft, in 1956, he was aware of the Newtonian law, "What goes up must come down." On Jan. 31, the rule will have slightly sadder, more literal implications. When Palmer, 81, pilots his Cessna Citation 10 jet from Palm Springs to Orlando that morning, it will be his last flight as pilot. His license expires that day, and Palmer has elected not to have it renewed. ( Plus d'info...

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jim garrity 0
Thank you Arnie,and Happy Birthday! Glad to see a pro/pilot knows when its time to sit in back!!
Kevin Ford 0
You never have to renew a pilots does NOT expire.
Scott Simmons 0
So, I guess they meant to say that his physical expired?
...or possibly he's in need of a bi-annual flight review. Either way, I say kudos to Arnold Palmer for knowing when enough is enough. I know many people who choose to continue, many by ulterior methods, when they shouldn't be. I think this sets a great example that many can follow.
Gene spanos -1
Keep his plane, emissions and jet noise - ass - away from us.
Kevin Ford 0
Easy Gene...Arnie is a pure class act.
Scott Kalin 0
What is that about Gene? You come to an aviation site to complain about planes, emissions, and jet noise? WARNING: Do not feed the troll
Albert Cooper 0
Congrats to Arnie as a great contributor to flight and aircraft advancement. I remember when he used to buzz over the golf courses as he left the city where he was playing.
Kevin Brintnall 0
I really think we need a "dislike" or "flag" option in this forum format. I am perplexed, as are others, by the Spanos posting. This is a great article and I appreciated reading it and MOST of the comments.
Joey Jet 0
I wonder if anyone knows what an "Arnold Palmer Cooler" was??
saratogaupset 0
Well done Arnie...just move one seat to the right and you will still enjoy it I'm sure. I will never forget your round-the-world flight in N200Y painted up like a candy cane! Herb Hamilton was very proud to be a part of that with you...! God Bless
tim zerndt 0
Arnold Palmer cooler? Sweet Tea and Lemonade!
Best wishes to one of the greatest golf legends of all time and a true gentleman. What a class act. ( and Spanos is an idiot )
Steve Wale 0
People like Mr. Palmer give pilots a good name. I'm sorry he has to retire his license, but damn proud he has the sense and courtesy to do it on his own.
smokey831 0
An excellent example of the kind of man Mr. Palmer has always seemed to be. Good judgement, high standards and responsible behaviour. Not many like Mr. Palmer out there any more.

Spanos - If you were a Marine and I say "IF", you're comments certainly do not reflect the respect a man like Arnold Palmer deserves. And ditto on the complaining. You coming to this site and complaining about airplanes is like going to a buffett and saying you're not hungry. Stupid is as stupid does.......;-))
Jack Nickolaisen 0
Thanks for the memories Arnold and many thanks for that great drink. Is there anybody that doesn't know what an "Arnold Palmer" is? I met him at SJC once what a great personality and down to earth guy.God Bless
Fred Smith 0
I was a new engineer at Cessna when Arnie picked up his Citation III. I got to fly in the plane on a test flight prior to delivery and I remember thinking how cool it was that I was sitting in the same seat Arnie would sit in! Arnie buying that airplane was a big deal at Cessna because Arnie was known for liking to fly fast. The III was Cessna's first swept wing jet and getting Arnie to choose it over a Learjet was huge. He got s/n 001 and I am sure it killed him to have to fly a loner Citation II while he was waiting for his III. I was barely faster than a turbo-prop! It’s nice to see that he stuck with Cessna to the end. He may have given up his medical but not the jet. I’m sure he will find his way to the right seat on occasion.
william carrollo 0
Arnie's Army, we like him
Allan Cook 0
Arnie my hero ...shook his hand a few times ,,,massive hands...a superb guy and a real gentleman in every sense of the word
jdbar 0
Thank you Mr. Palmer, I was inspired by you to play golf and also to fly.

Happy Birthday,
Fred Hill 0
Takes a man to know when to call it a day. Well done Mr. Palmer!
Kevin Smith 0
A great story about a great golfer and seems a great pilot, didn't know Mr Palmer flew his own plane. Gene Spanos, I think you are really on the wrong site, go find a site about cycling or roller skating.
From a 182 to a Citation X. We should all be so lucky. And 20,000 hours is impressive for an airline pilot. Blue skies to Mr Palmer.
BWhaler 0
Mr. Palmer has done great PR for business aircraft use during his golfing career. What is not remembered is his business decision to fly around the world in a Lear for factory PR, then when Lear would not give him the "good deal" on his use of a Lear while concurrently chartering it out, he then switched to Cessna because they would, just prior to the NBAA meeting of that year. So you had a video of him circumnavigating the globe in a Lear at the Lear booth and the Cessna booth had him hawking their products.
ddljr 0
Gene - get off our site and stay off. Arnie has been an inspiration on the course and in the air. God Bless - Blue Skies.
Rob Walker 0
Gene the Marine? Gene the Moron more like! Arnie's a legend in his own lifetime and certainly doesn't deserve your kind of abuse. I suspect you're not a Marine, but if you are half the man he is then man up and apologise.
FORE !!!! Thanks for the memories "Arnie" .... Surprised the paint on his jet, was never made to look like a golf ball !! lol
Brian Henry 0
Totally awesome!
markaz 0
One of the two greatest, high profile ambassadors of private aviation. Pure class!
det2659 0
On the money Rob Walker. Gene Marine (?) sounds like an empty suit and probably a terrible golfer too!
Karl Swenson 0
I don't play Golf. I knew he was a pilot, but I didn't realize what a pilot he was. What an astounding career. This guy has his head on staight.

What a class act over decades. Thanks.
Jerry Brooks 0
Congratulations Arnie on a stellar flying history! I don't golf but I did find out what an "Arnold Palmer" was on my latest trip to the west coast...good drink.

[Gene, Gene the idiot machine]
markaz 0
Cras is correct. This Gene the marine post is just trolling. Unfortunately, he's probably getting a kick out of everybody responding. Best to give Arnie the kudos he deserves and leave it at that.
These days it is rare to find someone of his caliber! I am a retired pilot and have been wearing his line of clothes from Sears for years. Had no idea he was a pilot also. Great story..Thanks.
P.J. Gibson 0
Hat's off to Arnie......a true class act..enjoy your retirement from Aviation duties.
Donald Burns 0
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Palmer in designing a clubhouse for one of his golf course projects. I met with him in his offices and at the site during several times throughout the project. I think, because we are both pilots, a certain rapport was established. He is, indeed a class act and, by the way an excellent, by the book pilot. .Pretty decent golfer, too.
rick indovina 0
I am proud to say that I hanger my 172 at the airport(LBE) named
for this great american,great pilot and great golfer.I have
seen the landing of his Citation 10 with Arnie at the controls many
times.Always a sweet landing.
Chuck Me 0
Here's another article I found on Arnie and flying. More info about the planes he has owned and his history flying.
Toby Stone 0
Evidently, Arnie received special FAA clearance for a straight shot Palm Springs to Orlando and did it in just over 3 hours. Cranked up the X...pretty cool. Obviously he is well respected by the FAA community for them to set this up for him which is a testament to his character. Well done.
Charles Knutson 0
Arnold, you were a role model in so many ways. I think yuor contribution to having people dream of their own plane and then having that goal raised to ever more funcitonal and luxurious levels was a great motivator for many people who have employed millions of others. Thanks for never telling me what I couldn't do.
Elliott Solomon 0

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