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JetBlue will require passengers to wear masks, other airlines will provide them for travelers

Airlines are stepping up policies to ensure that passengers and employees wear face masks on board. ( Plus d'info...

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Steve Aliamus 2
The article does not specifically mention pilots while in the cockpit, and wondering what thoughts our commercial pilots have...
if pilots stay isolated and do not interact with the usual meet and greet,they should not have to wear a mask..they also have to be able to communicate on a radio easily and if necessary,put on the oxygen masks...for flight attendants and ground personnel,its a little different..i am guessing the temperature taking and whatever is being done for flight crews before they board the aircraft,just s for passengers..
Silent Bob 1
To my knowledge no airlines require pilots to wear a mask up front, and if they did I bet the rate of compliance would be quite low. I've gotten a little more fanatical about cleaning when I get in, and most people I've flown with have too. Other than that it's business as usual.
As more people return to flying commercial airlines I understand the need for passenger separation and N95 type masks. For flights perhaps less than 3 hours with minimum on board service I could live with that. However for transcon or long range over water wearing a mask for 3-10 hours may not be practical as the mask will get uncomfortable and wet. I have been checking media regarding air quality on passenger aircraft and there is no mention if the cabin air is air in and air out without recycling. Most of the newer Boeing aircraft have recirculation fans that can be turned off in flight. That will help mitigate any Corona circulation. Recirculation fans off in flight is not an abnormal procedure and is addressed in most Boeing flight manuals. There is a nominal increase in fuel burn with recirculation fans off.

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