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End of era. One of the final CV-580 passenger operators.

Nolinor shares extensive access to one of the last Convair 580 passenger ops. (happened fall 2019, now since retired) very cool look at one of the Convair designs going back to immediate post-WWII. This one was built in 1956 as a CV-340 piston twin, later converted by Pacific Aermotive to Allison 501D turboprop power. Big thank you to Nolinor for sharing a final glimpse at a long history. ( Plus d'info...

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sparkie624 2
They are good planes.
Richard Orgill 2
Flew the 340 and 440 for the Corps...great A/C. Many Airshows still request them for display.
sparkie624 1
I hope so... there is a Big Draw to those old planes.
patrick baker 3
fine functioning aircraft well commanded and flown. I hope these remaining examples can be sold to fly somewhere next without whatever assinine regulations caused them to be considered extraneous.
USA752 1
Perfect fit for IFL Group or Kelowna!
SmokedChops 2
I believe KF is still using their CV-5800 (stretched and remanned ex-USN C131 Samaritans) Same Allison T56/501-D power. I think they briefly had a few of the RR Dart powered CV-600 at one point. Not sure if these passenger ships will be convertible to cargo ops at this point in their gray-haired years. One possible downside, KF is also in Canada, the same regs that Nolinor have to meet (that ultimately ended their usage) will most likely apply. Not sure if it is for the entire type cert, or just the pax variant. Would love to see this still airworthy! If even a limited or experimental class of registry.
SmokedChops 1
Pacific Airmotive. oops. (I have seen both used, however, can't recall if it was a Max Millar or Mike Badrocke cutaway) Most likely it was my arthritic sausage fingers on a tiny keyboard.
cboginsk 1
Spent lots of time in these 580's. Always enjoyed them.
jwmson 1
Is this really the end of the line for the "Convair Convorter"?
bbabis 1
I remember the The Ford Motor Company having a couple of 580's that ran shuttles. I loved to watch them come and go at KLUK. They had beautiful Red, White, and Blue paint jobs and were very impressive. I believe a freight operator up in Detroit bought them when Ford upgraded to jets and I guess just ran the rest of the life out of them. Sad to see them go.

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