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New England Patriots 767 delivers N95s

A crazy level of red tape for a single flight. Anyone know what kind of avionics upgrade would be needed? I’ve only ever taken my plane to Canada and Mexico... ( Plus d'info...

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ToddBaldwin3 7
While we can search for and probably find the full article elsewhere, it's inconvenient and inconsiderate (or maybe you just didn't realize it, so thoughtless) to post articles hidden behind paywalls.
djames225 6
What I find ironic is the country where this strain of SARS-Cov2 came from, ie COVID-19, is the same country supplying medical gear for the world.
Viv Pike -3
Rapid - there are currently LESS THAN 2,400 people actively carrying the virus in China. (IF the reported numbers by Johns Hopkins are accurate).
djames225 6
What does that have to do with the irony of where it started and who is supplying medical equipment to protect from that which they started.
And to say there are now less than 2,400 people with a virus in a country population size of China...I'd be asking where they got those actual numbers from.
Viv Pike 0
OK. I was not questioning the irony that you accurately described. My apologies if that is what you read into my reply.
All I was trying to point out is that, *IF* the numbers reported by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), are accurate, then China only have <2,400 active cases. *IF* that is the case, then they can afford to supply their excess "medical gear" to those other countries who now require it.
Yes - I do see the irony in this, as you pointed out.
Again - my apologies if I offended you. Maybe I should have just posted my observation as my own comment, instead of replying to yours.
Good day.
Brent Bahler 1
If you trust the PRC to disclose the actual numbers of those who were/are infected and those who died, you are naive. Wuhan, where the virus is reported to have originated, has an estimated population of 11 million people (larger than New York city. Do you think it is reasonable for a universe that size to have such low numbers?
djames225 0
I don't trust ANY numbers coming from there. 2,400 active cases my a$$. And if John Hopkins University posts these findings, I agree that they too, are naive..very naive.
Steve Drake 1
This article raises severe doubts about the honesty of China/WHO reporting:
Zachary Colescott 5
PAYWALL and you don't even give the first sentence in the story?!
Duane Mader 3
Us companies manufacturing N95 masks were subject to the medical device tax under Ocare. Guess what, they moved offshore.
canuck44 2
You are correct, but others just got out of the business as the tax made it difficult to compete vs. existing offshore products. Mexico got a lot of the business, but they had some of it before the Obamacare tax which was the last nail in the coffin.
arnold feldman 2
Just a guess: 3rd long range nav + HF Comm.
skinutca 1
Aha, that makes sense. It was hard to believe that why I assume is a well maintained 767 wouldn’t have a modern avionics suite. I’ve taken my Cirrus to Mexico, Canada, and as far as Puerto Rico, with standard equipment. Obviously, I’ve not considered transoceanic flights.
Peter Fuller 1
Article on says the 767 needed “software to provide a map of the flight path and the ability to communicate with air traffic controllers in that part of the world.”

Same article says a crew of 12 was onboard: 4 pilots, 5 flight attendants, 2 maintenance workers, 1 pilot observer.
chalet 0
Just as important Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) transponders
skinutca 3
There isn’t a chance a 767 flying around the US doesn’t have that, is there? Most piston singles I’m around have them.
matt jensen 2
What's the big deal - the article is searchable
ian mcdonell -2
I could read it and you did not miss anything Zach
Blaine Brinton -2
Just this week the Trump administration had to shut down US companies selling medical supplies to foreign countries. And the Patriots burning a bunch of jet fuel to get supplies from China is generating bigger headlines. We are truly living in upside down!
Robert Cowling 4
Part of it might be because of the Trump administration 'Hoovering' up as many masks as they can get their hands on, even 'stealing them' from shipping companies before they reach their intended destination. The intent of the 'piracy' is unknown. Why are they taking such drastic actions now, and where are they going to send the masks. The Patriots had to camouflage their shipment so Trump/Jared didn't swoop in and steal them.

"A number of governors — including Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker — have said they’ve seen orders for masks and other needed equipment canceled because the federal government outbid them. This has led to some finding creative ways to disguise their orders to mask them from the Trump administration.

Baker’s administration worked with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the Chinese UN ambassador, and other Chinese officials to secure a shipment of 1.2 million face masks to the state. The governor told reporters Thursday he worked with the Kraft family to create a “‘private humanitarian mission’ to keep the Feds from finding out” about the mask shipment and seizing it, according to reporter Adam Gaffin — and the masks came to the state on the Patriots’ team plane."

Having the Dunce Prince calling the national stockpile 'OURS', is making people very nervous about where the equipment is going. Florida refused to close beaches to the drunken hordes, got everything they ordered, where New York and California are getting a scant fraction of what they need, and Trump accusing physicians of stealing PPE gear.

And California received 770 ventilators that were broken, and other state received mold and dry rotted PPE equipment. It's sad that he harangues the states for not being prepared, and it's the federal government that deliberately ignored/dismissed/lied about the seriousness.

It's been a near complete failure of the federal government to protect the people. There are massive amounts of needless deaths because the feds are blowing it so bad.

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