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Ryanair CEO says 'lunatic' Green promises will not work

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said on Tuesday he would welcome the “lunatics” of the Green Party entering government in Ireland as part of ongoing coalition talks as this would mean they would be forced to “confront reality”. ( Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 3
The Irish "lunatics" were elected by citizens who liked their politics. There's never been any question about the honesty of Irish elections, so we need to look at this seriously. President Trump was considered a lunatic by some in 2016, and he won the presidency. Governments and companies that don't stay abreast of changes in public opinion will fail.
Greg S 3
Be careful, when you hand power to lunatics with a single agenda they're more likely to become authoritarian than conciliatory. Soon you'll have laws criminalizing speech that disagrees with Green Party dogma.
Richard Orgill 3
Sadly, your post is spot on.
bbabis 2
Wow! An airline CEO with common sense. RYA just may be a place to put the old DAL funds.

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