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Inside The Airbus A380: The Aircraft With 2 Internal Elevators

Yesterday we took a look at the exterior of the Airbus A380. However, now it’s time to take a look inside the cabin… ( Plus d'info...

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Pecos Llama 4
Hehaheheha! You should read "Part 3 - The Cockpit of the A380"; it's basically one short paragraph about switches, one short paragraph about circuit breakers, and a picture of the cockpit. Simpleflying is becoming mind-numbingly simple and boring even for things that could be in-depth and exciting such as a cockpit, though I suppose "simple" is in the name.
Frank Harvey 2
L1011s and (some ?) DC10s also had internal elevators. In the Tristar there was a lower level galley accessed by one elevator for the cabin crew and a separate one for the cart. The cabin crew elevator was a tight fit for two people. A few Tristars alternatively had a small pax cabin instead of a lower level galley. Those had an external bump behind the nose gear.
sinpleflying is the worst for articles.
The author was "excited" about entering an aircraft from the right side, rather than the left. Must blow their mind to go in their house from the backdoor....
And the article clickbait of the is elevators for moving galley carts.....
Roger Anderson 2
Yea they've gotten very baity lately, but I guess they've gotta bring back in all they've spent on advertising.

David Ehlert 3
I agree, and especially since MH370 is posting it, you know it's clickbait..!!

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