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Cathay Pacific Crew Demand Right To Wear Masks Amid Coronavirus Fears

Cathay Pacific cabin crew members are asking their employer for the right to wear masks in fear of contracting the new fast-spreading Coronavirus. ( More...

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Willie Wonka 4
Anybody who leaves their home in our infectious world is exposed to a medical textbook of pathogenic and reactive substances by multiple vectors. The results are usually one of two outcomes. We are genetically resistant or we have developed a resistance through a previous exposure or a vaccine. The rest of us are fair game for the enemy we cant see. It is a pathogen such as the Coronavirus that throws our medically stable world upside down. With very few exceptions, every infectious disease whether a bacteria or virus effects everyone differently. One may not even know they have the exposure or illness while another ends up in ICU or worse. This is the lottery we cant afford to play. As the saying goes "Knowledge is power!" We have very little knowledge of the Coronavirus and no vaccine. Our response must be measured. Somewhere the response must lay between Chicken Little screaming down the street about the sky falling and total apathy. Although mostly "Below the Radar" (No ATC assistance required) US Healthcare is on alert for this virus and at least discussing ways to prevent, identify and treat this invader as I am quite certain every Healthcare System in every developed country is doing the same. We should expect no less from the Professionals in the aviation community.
John Smythe 9
I don’t understand why they need to “demand” to wear a mask. That should be at their own personal discretion.
It is a work place hazard. The plane is their work place.
john doe 3
Because words such as "demand" and "rights" are triggers - they provoke emotional responses and generate online hits. It's good business practice for the "news" media.
Chris B 6
Anyone thinking this is over is fooling themselves.
John Smythe 3
They might want vinyl gloves to protect from food, saliva, drinking cups etc..
Highflyer1950 5
Digital temp screening before departure and after landing prior to gaining entry to the country.
matt jensen 6
This is a no brainer. But why USA airports not quarantining pax?
You would need a functioning government for that kind of thing.
Edw Sanderson -7
Did you come over from aol/Huff? snart aleck comments?
Don Quixote -8
The U.S. is a lot more prepared to handle this is something goes wrong
Lois Lettini 5
Are YOU kidding me? I sincerely have doubts as to WHAT we really CAN handle!!!
Andrew Hunter 6
How about running the recirculating cabin air through a bank of UV lamps. These are used a lot in hospitals and A/C systems in buildings. It might help with the coonavirus and all the other cr*p that goes round and round during flight.
SorenTwin 6
Air can reach other people from an infected person's mouth before it ever reaches a filter of any kind.
Well I must say this these people are on the shop front meeting greeting people they come in contact with every one so for a company they have a responsibility to the people who work for them supply them masks , I'm surprised China Air haven't already done so .here in Sydney checking of passengers on arrival has begun , but why not USA , There 1st to pull you up for trivial things but this .
dee9bee 3
The USA is screening, or is about to, at certain airports.
carste10 2
Do masks really offer protection against the virus?
SorenTwin 3
Same as protecting against the common cold, which is also a coronavirus. If fitted and used correctly, it will definitely help inhalation of droplets. Won't help in touching surfaces though.
SorenTwin 1
Sorry, typo. Help AVOID inhalation of droplets.
ImperialEagle 3
They better go live in a bubble then, because, ALL of us who fly are exposed to every kind of dangerous bacteria and viruses and interplanetary cootie there is, every time we touch the interior of the aircraft. Don't even want to touch the exterior.
They need to get a grip.
john doe 3
The thing is, Bill... passengers are free to choose whether or not to wear one of these masks while aboard. But the cabin crew may not, without their employer's approval. That's what's being discussed here. It isn't about you.
John Smythe 2
Thank you for your close minded, uncaring opinion. You sound like a real nice person.
Lois Lettini 1
The Truth does hurt, doesn't it?
jmarler 0
The truth of the matter is that the coronavirus is not very deadly. There are so many other airborne pathogens out there that we are exposed to nearly constantly that make this one look like the common cold ... Nobody wants to get on a Cathay Pacific flight and see the entire cabin crew dressed up like we are suffering a plague. If they allow it for this little virus, they basically just have to allow masks forever, and nobody wants that.
paul gilpin -3
plague reference is curious.
if not for the chinese fleas of the 14th century, your reference, would have no point of reference.
question: why do we never hear about the european plague of the 6th century?
answer: because the plague of the 14th century, with the same cause, killed more people.
solution: let's import more cheap crap from that country.
butt, butt, butt, the chinese invented gunpowder.
john kilcher -3
Don't kid yourself..... we're much too busy watching tRump's tirades that go on and on.
Mike Williams -3
In many of the people who wear hairnets, I see on tv shows some that maybe not on dramas or comedy farces. There there are a lot of hair showing. If I would enforce the rule I might "collect" all the hair outside of the hairnet.
A device much like the coverings the beekeepers might work better. Those who wore the masks and other protective might take the danger if they saw it better.
dkenna 4
I’ve read your post several times and still have no clue what you are getting at. I did smile though, thinking about the crew wearing hairnets and bee-keeper suits. That would make for a fun hand flown approach to minimums. At least the bee that snuck into the cockpit won’t get us!


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