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Woman seeking bigger seat on plane faked medical emergency: cops

A Florida woman faked a medical emergency in order to get a larger seat on an American Airlines flight, authorities said. But the pilot, apparently not realizing the emergency was bogus, turned the plane around. The woman, who wasn’t publicly identified, was taken into custody when Miami-bound flight American Eagle 3508 landed back in Pensacola around 6:30 a.m. Friday, police said. ( Plus d'info...

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Richard Orgill 23
Upgrading to a better seat around $300.00
Declaring a medical emergency and getting a bill from AA: $10,000+
Criminal charges filed by local authorities and legal fees: $5,000+

Getting fame on Flight Aware: Priceless
The airplane reprtedly was an american eagle flight..the seats on those aircraft are all the same and there are no "better"nor bigger ones..the woman obviously doesnt fly much, and thought her "scam" would work..yes,that scam will cost her attorney fees,reimbursement to American eagle,and a lot of embarrassment due to her ignorance..
Antonello Davi 2
negative Mary....Eagle has first class seats now.
Robert Cowling 3
I've sat in RJ 'first class' seats. To call them 'better' is somewhat disingenuous. They are *better* than coach seats, but a log would be too!

It's sad how 'big' America has gotten. I passed a gurney in a hospital and saw the 700lb capacity sticker and laughed. An orderly said some patients strain that limit, with equipment, and other things on it, plus they are made to ride 'mobile' and won't collapse on rough roads. It was also wider than what I've ever seen. Yeah, the 'American Diet' will explode weight and the sugar and corn processors love it. Sad... Plus diabetic drug companies, and dialysis companies too. All the ancillary industries that live off of the fattening of Americans.

Which really makes me wonder WTH American Airlines is doing SHRINKING seats and legroom! Hospital beds, and gurneys are getting bigger, and air travel dooms us to 'overflowing' passengers...
bbabis 28
Something tells me she already has a big seat.
Richard Orgill 6
Glad you said it first..
Kobe Hunte 13
How pathetic can you get. She got a lot comfier seat in the police office I bet...
sparkie624 11
LOL... and she got a free ride to boot!
Scott Campbell 6
1 HOUR AND 30 minute flight, enjoy your delay Mam ... Good Day !!!
Chris B 5
Bet the bill from American hurts more than the seat in the Police car.
sparkie624 8
We... She got what she wanted... A Larger Seat... Police Cars, Court Rooms have much wider seats that what any aircraft has... :)
joel wiley 3
And she got a different mix of fellow travelers for a longer time than on the flight...
lynx318 2
So does the jail cell...a whole concrete bench.
Patrick Smith 4
Bet she won't be singing "Jailhouse Rock"! Stupid and fairly typical of todays' entitled idiots.
Rob Palmer 2
And then, when she reached first class, all the gas came out at once.
Bryce Johnson 2
The exit row and bulkhead are both bigger seats in the 145
sparkie624 1
I was just looking at that, and I also noticed that American charges more for the Exit row and Bulkhead seats as well.
Ben Shockley 2
Sounds like a new way to make the no fly list!
n9341c 2
Totally shocked this isn’t being carried by the news media as another example of a cruel airline denying a passenger what should be rightfully theirs simply because she wants a bigger seat.
Mark Kanzler 1
She really just wanted free peanuts.
Rob Palmer 2
Right; in Psychology we would describe her condition as a bad case of "peanuts" envy.
scott8733 1
Doesn't make sense. AA3508 last Friday shows as a ERJ-145 50 seat jet - in which there aren't any bigger seats.
sparkie624 2
Could have been a ship substitution due to AOS aircraft which would make since why she could have been upgraded to a larger seat - Maybe to a CRJ or ERJ-170/175 maybe...
Scott Campbell 1
Bulk heads are tighter, and the only possible bigger seat... Emergency row
David Rice 1
Ban her from all airline flights for life!
David Rice 0
Also allow each passenger on that flight to punch her in the face twice.

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