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Potentially The Most Revolutionary Aircraft You Have Never Heard Of Has Flown

Over the last couple of years, virtually nobody has reported on the mysterious and bizarre-looking, but potentially revolutionary flying machine known as the Otto Aviation Celera 500L aside from The War Zone. (www.thedrive.com) Plus d'info...

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ian mcdonell 4
Nextgen Beech Starship?
Rico van Dijk 3
Nah, that title is reserved for the max ;) (jk)
sharon bias 2
Well, with the door held open with a jack, and a fire extinguisher right next to the plane, I sure don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about flying this plane
Iain Robertson 1
It is an EXPERIMENTAL aircraft. The jack and fire extinguisher are de rigueur. Also note that most large piston powered aircraft are started with a fire extinguisher standing by.
frederik van Weezendonk 1
Reminds me of the LearFan all carbon turbine-pusher . I was the enthusiastic representative for Europe. Its first flight actually took place on "Dec 32nd" to make good on certain contractual conditions with the Northern Irish Government. One of he conditions for further grants were to fly before years end and the Government representative then decided that December had 32 days that year!!
Unfortunately Bill Lear had passed away and was not available to see the development through to a production stage.
greg presley 1
What are the pros and cons of turbine-pushers ? genuine question
frederik van Weezendonk 1
this is a partial answer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LearAvia_Lear_Fan
ian mcdonell 1
good one Rico - 10 points
Andrew Heenan 0
An information free article. I thank you.
Andrew Heenan 1
The article doesn't make clear what this plane has and the many rival smaller aircraft don't. There seems to be an assumption that new=better - possibly true, but zero evidence in this case so far. Sounds more like an over-elaborate PR job to me.
Viv Pike 0
See also this link :

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