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Cracks found on 38 of 810 Boeing 737 NG jets inspected globally

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Boeing Co (BA.N) said on Thursday that airlines had inspected 810 of the company’s 737 NG jets around the world and found 38 structural cracks requiring repair and replacement of the affected parts. ( More...

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patrick baker 2
so much for having a restful sleep, in a comfortable seat, in pleasant surroundings, on just about any boeing 737 NG
Oh my god they identified a problem and are applying a fix. Oh my god, I'm so scared, oh my god.
siriusloon 3
Then feel free to wander down dark alleys in bad neighbourhoods and run across freeways without looking because obviously, sir, you are invincible. And a complete fool.
Well if I do get beat up or hit by a car, at least we can rest easy knowing it's all Boeing's fault.

Oh my god!
Robert Spruce 3
The entire Boeing management team from the Board and CEO down needs to be fired. With this debacle appearing and coupled with the US military refusing to take delivery because of "debris" found after delivery of aircraft. KLM sending 787's back because of the same thing, the MAX saga. It is clear that the entire company is being mismanaged.
KLM did not "send 787's back".
Jim Lynch 2
Initially, the crashes of two planes which were a new type (modified legacy 737) did not make much of a splash here halfway around the world. Then, we started to hear the reports about WHY they crashed. As the investigators dug deeper, Boeing showed more and more excreta on its face - and then the FAA was dragged in with at least as much blame as Boeing.

Boeing has been doing business in a cut-throat manner for many decades - the latest being their attempt to shut down the CSeries (now A220) through trade tariffs and politics. Greed, arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, laziness and a host of other super-negative traits to the aviation business have dragged a once respected commercial name and previously globally respected authority into the mud through their own actions and inactions. They both have nobody to blame but themselves, and now it is fitting that they endure the punishment for as long as it lasts.
it might make you feel good, but punishing them will not make flying safer.
M Hinkson 1
Are you saying that flying would be safer if they get a free pass and tap on the knuckles?
M Hinkson 1
Much better than giving them a free pass and tap on the knuckles wouldn't you say?
Being the most popular passenger plane in the world, topics like this are always going to make the news. These are high cycle units and engineering just didn't correctly estimate the net effect of these repetitive forces. Encouraging to know that these cracks are being handled in a preventative context rather than a corrective/reactive one like the issues on the MAX. No need for panic, a 737 with cracks is still safer than any car by a huge margin.
siriusloon 2
No, it makes news because it IS news. It's yet another major problem at Boeing. Think back, say, five years. If anybody had told you that ONE manufacturer would have the litany of problems that Boeing has had and asked you to guess who had them, no way you would have guessed them.

Boeing has lost its way and has a very long climb back to earn the trust and respect of the airlines and consumers. As for Boeing apologists who always have an excuse ("engineering just didn't correctly estimate the net effect of these repetitive forces" even though that's their damned job), you guys will invent excuses and rationalisations as soon as you think you heard or saw the word "Boeing" in a news item, no matter what it was about.

By the way, no car I've ever been in would fall six miles out of the sky into a smoking hole, killing hundreds of people, because of a crack. Airliners can do that.
Colin Seftel 1
This is not a Boeing design or manufacturing issue. It's not unusual to find cracks in aging aircraft, whatever the manufacturer. That's why we inspect and repair.
Thanks for the reply. I am not a Boeing apologist but rather I try to stay objective and am trying hard to separate the facts out from all the noise, some of it is very emotionally driven. Also I'm in no way disputing that Boeing is in a crisis because of some very bad decision making of their own. I hope they can find the leadership that they need to dig themselves out of a very bad situation. As for cars vs planes I can offer this (horrific) clip of an accident that happened last week in my town. Yes those are bodies of people you see flying. A thing as simple as a burst tyre and 6 people are dead without making the news.


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