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Protestor Glues Himself To The Top A British Airways Plane In London City Airport

A large number of protestors from the Extinction Rebellion environmentalist group have been causing dire trouble at London City Airport (LCY) today. One person glued himself to the top of a British Airways Embraer jet at the airport. The climate change group says that the protestor’s name is James Brown, a former Paralympic who won bronze at the London 2012 games. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 19
You really have to admire the way he adheres to his principles.
dee9bee 7
"Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense".
dee9bee 17
P.S. A really creative flight crew would have boarded the pax, closed the aircraft door and started the engines...
siriusloon 9
That's the best suggestion so far although whoever ended up having to un-glue him would also have to wash his s**t off the plane because his bowels would have evacuated faster than an FAA emergency egress test.
Torsten Hoff 6
How about leaving him there for a bit so he can ponder the consequences of what he did?
96flstc 6
I'm stuck on this story...
djames225 10
This is what you would call a really sticky situation...brought about by a person who's mentality became un-glued.
airuphere 5
These extinction protestors make
Me laugh - after an event here in Toronto one was interviewed and he said. “We’re taking about lowering the carbon in the atmosphere - on every level, people at home can make a huge difference by taking Public transit.” This after they block a major traffic artery causing massive traffic jams - thousands of cars at idle for no reason - and this causing planes to hold , and divert... start by making your protest carbon reduced..
Mike Mohle 6
They are not smart enough to figure that stuff out. Maybe they will buy carbon credits, but probably cannot because they are unemployed.
sparkie624 3
The best example in the world is now working in Washington... She has single handedly destroyed every Blonde Joke in History.... Ole AOC her self.
A case of the blind leading the blind methinks
He wouldn't create a whole lot of resistance, once the aircraft took off!!
If not blind, then just plain stupid!!
Kobe Hunte -5
No but then he would get sucked in the engine killing him and probably people on the plane.. think of that. I have to admit though, that he has some serious courage to climb on top of a plane while not being able to see!
bentwing60 8
Me thinks it would be rather problematic for him to go through a wing mounted engine, given his chosen protest point. But then, the vertical stab wasn't designed to take on a 180 lb. idiot at any speed either. Might make a great "Gorilla glue" commercial though.
sparkie624 2
I don't think that he would go into the engines.... I think it would be more problematic for the Vertical and Horizontal Stab....
Him, I don't care about!!
canuck44 3
Pity they did not have deicing solution to wash off the trash with high pressure hoses.
sparkie624 1
I remember my days of being in a Bucket Truck with that Hot Fluid.... I would have volunteered to clean the top of the plane... Heat that fluid to 180 Deg F... and wash the trash and debrie away... Everything that was stuck down... thanks for the Memory of the Olden days!
James Simms 3
Lionel Richie “Stuck On You”
sparkie624 1
s2v8377 4
That's it time to go back to wooden sailing ships. Oops they're bad for the environment as well since you have to cut down trees to build them. Horses poop so they're no good. I guess we'll have to start walking from New York to London, I don't see why that would be a problem.

I also wonder if the glue he used to glue himself to the plane was environmentally friendly?
sparkie624 2
LOL... I would say leave him there.... He is securely attached and in an aerodynamic angle. Should not have a major effect on flight characteristics.... Just add a little weight in the nose and head on his way!
'In two generations " what? hopefully just his lineage will wither out and die
He seems to be lacking in conviction. If he truly believed he would have stripped naked and used a two part epoxy all over himself.
Kobe Hunte 2
He is supposedly blind????
Mike Mohle 6
He is certainly blind! Doing all this against a hoax and endangering his life and others. Prosecute!
pilotjag 3
You don't see that everyday do you? Now that's what I call taking it to the next level
sparkie624 2
That is what you call Sticking to your Values! Literally!
jim sisti 2
Lets not all come unglued over this.
siriusloon 1
I believe climate change is real and that serious action has to be taken without delay, but some of the protesters are making it worse. In my city, several hundred people paraded through the downtown during the Friday rush hour. As they cross-crossed the entire downtown, they caused gridlock and massive traffic jams that lasted long past when their parade dispersed. It took much longer for those drivers to reach their destinations, which means their vehicles pumped out far more pollution than if the march hadn't taken place at all. Many of the marchers dragged their little kids around with them, exposing them to the exhaust fumes, which are even more dangerous to kids than to adults.

All they accomplished was pissing off a lot of people. Those of us who believe climate change is real weren't encouraged by the protest and the troglodytes who think it's a Chinese hoax certainly weren't won over. No one affected by the flight delays in the U.K. will stop flying and live as hermits to save the planet, but like happened here with the march, a few of the protesters got interviewed on TV and received their 15 seconds of sound-bite fame.

Attention certainly needs to be aimed at climate change and the need to stop it, but doing things that actually make it worse is insane.
linbb 0
And since years back the earth was covered by ice and it slowly melted putting cities under water. Once it started to expose whatever was under the ice it would cause temp to rise and then would make it melt faster. You have a good idea to stop it? Then get with it but first think about what you are talking about. Shut down all power plants, stop any use of internal combustion engines for anything, shut down all aircraft that are not solar powered, make all autos electric the list goes on. Soon guess what there would be huge problems with transportation of any kind. Think about it before you post.
Robert Cowling -1
A big thing that has contributed to climate change is the surge in regional jets. I see, in bigger airports, several regional jets going to the same place. I also see the big carriers often flying to the same place as another flight, or flights!

How many half full planes have to go between two cities? It's pretty insane.

But back to regional jets. The local airport here flies RJ's to one of three destinations, Two of them are legitimately drive-able. BOTH of those could be better served by light rail. I timed it out, For a drive that would take about an hour, many people spend nearly 2 hours with delays, taxiing, security, parking, etc. On one flight on that short route, we declared a missed approach twice, circling the airport (with no communication from the flight deck). And if the weather is iffy, the delays mount like crazy, as RJ's tend to be the first planes delayed, or cancelled. Light rail work in just about all weather, and can haul around even more people, for less of an impact on the environment. But Amtrak has been the whipping boy of the politically owned by oil group. Sad.

If we get money out of politics, so big oil can't literally own politicians, the country would be a lot better...
Regional actually save move then the 50 cars going the same place with single occupants.
And the reason there are several flights to the same place. NO ONE EVER, wants to leave at the same time. Wake up blinders boy !!
linbb 0
Really? Why don't you just go out and tell them how to run things. You know like let the airplane sit until its full otherwise it doesn't fly? How will that work out for you? Dumb statement are you really a commenter or just another TROLL?
James Simms 1
Glued to my iPad reading this.........
sparkie624 1
Sounds rather Sticky to me....
James Simms 2
As the Brits would say, “A sticky wicket....”
Remember these same comments during the Civil Rights Protests . . . Just insert 'Lunch Counter' for 'Airplane' . . .
You are mixing things that aren't related. The lunch counter protests were about one race of human beings being shunned and devalued for the simple fact that their exterior is the 'wrong color'. How does that even come close to global climate change that is effecting all of us.
linbb 0
And how did he travel around the world? Doesn't walk the walk just spews BS


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