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Boeing did not include 'key safeguards' on 737 MAX

Boeing left off "key safeguards" from the 737 MAX's anti-stall system that were included on an earlier version of the system used on a military tanker aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. ( Plus d'info...

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siriusloon 5
It sure didn't take long for the Boeing shareholders worried about their finances to come out of the woodwork with the usual irrelevant nonsense. If their loved ones had been aboard either jet that crashed, they'd be posting very different comments. It's so easy to be callous when it's only your wallet that's affected.
patrick baker 4
boeing is just too easy a target: lazy, indifferent to the problem, incompetent to a fault, . These engineering problem oversights resulted in nearly 400 deaths, yet no one person or group of people have been taken to account for that. Oh, the company is changing the reporting chain to include more engineering officers instead of financial officers. whoopeee.....
Highflyer1950 4
It’s not like you don’t have two flight displays showing approaching stall, two indicators showing actual AOA (if installed) and stick shaker rough enough to dislodge the diamonds out of your wedding ring, three airspeed indicators showing speed is too low and a F/O shouting speed, speed in your right ear?????? Maybe, just maybe we need better training and more not less flight experience in the cockpit for both crew members. They do get paid to shuttle people around so it’s time they learn the actual airplane systems, not just how to turn on the A/P. Any crew member I have ever flown with took every flight manual, flight insert, flt ops memo, Non-normal and QRH checklists and familiarized themselves to the point where knew the aircraft inside and out. Chief pilots, check pilots would make up separate do’s and don’ts and hand them out as well? Boeing screwed up for sure but so did some of the flight crews.
Seth Anderson 1
It hurts how rare your thought process is. One could hope it’s actually the silent majority but believe it or not there are airline pilots that I fly and work with that primarily blame Boeing. Which I know the knee jerk reaction is usually to blame the pilots and we pilots tend to be sensitive to that. I’m not saying you’re guilty until proven innocent but more often then not it is the pilot/pilots making mistakes. Most crashes aren’t just one mistake. It’s chain of factors or mistakes that usually lead to crashes. Sad for everyone regardless of the primary cause. I wish training/scheduling/maintenance/all the other behind the scene issues that can and do contribute to accidents were even mentioned or given even a 10th of the coverage or consideration. But instead we get months and months and months of how horrible Boeing is.
Some people want safer air travel, some people want revenge.
I rather fly airbus
ph gero 1
Not much information in this article
Boeing did not include "afterburners" on 737 MAX, either. I wonder why?

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