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Boeing deliveries are at historical low

Boeing delivered only 18 aircraft in August 2019, keeping the commercial aircraft manufacturer on track for the lowest annual total in the last eight years. ( Plus d'info...

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airuphere 3
Well of course they’re low.. they’re all in the parking lot.. the 737 is running at a reduced production rate for oblivious reasons - so that would bring down Boeing’s overall output - yet the headline and summary read as if nobody is ordering the planes..
dapkarian 2
If you truly think Boeing is going away anytime soon...we’ll I have a bridge to see you in NYC.
Leo Aubry 2
See= sell, I guess.

Boeing bullying as Trumpp is and flexing only deserve wath's comming, like asking 300% taxe increase and whatever pressure they can muster. Spit in the air and it falls right back in your face.
siriusloon 1
Any minute now, DonQuixote will post that it's all fake news, that everybody is biased against Boeing, yadda yadda yadda, etc, etc, *yawn*.

Cut him some slack. Those three shares of Boeing's at-risk stock he owns and his self-appointed job as Boeing's chief apologist have really stressed him out, so he'll be more panicked and shrill than usual.
linbb 1
Yes its too bad, that he doesn't troll some where else on say the tree cutting in Oregon or taking dams down.

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