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Boeing Faces First Lawsuit from 737 MAX Customer

A Russian aircraft leasing company is suing Boeing for breach of contract in connection with its grounded 737 Max in what is the first lawsuit brought against the US manufacturer by a customer over the safety crisis. Avia Capital Services, a subsidiary of Russian state conglomerate Rostec, claims two deadly crashes were due to the “negligent actions and decisions of Boeing” not just in designing a plane that was “defective” but also in “withholding critical information” from the US aviation… ( More...

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pilotjag 5
Two more great articles...
lynx318 1
Loving the use of the word "defective" in these articles. “negligent actions and decisions of Boeing” I can see as legitimate but the planes were not directly defective.
Why provide an article that you must pay for one story? Thanks pilotjag for the additional links on this lawsuit.
pilotjag 5
At the time I posted it, it wasn't behind paywall... I never realized you'd have to pay to read the article... Maybe next time I won't share anything from Financial Times...
A lot of times sites will do that; provide some article initially for free, and if they start seeing hits on it, change it into $$$...
David Loh 1
Sorry for my comment above. Didn't see this till i posted then wasn't able to delete.
airuphere 2
Good luck.. it’s going to take a lot to prove those allegations company wide .. sure it might of happened but the burden of proof is gonna be tricky here. Who knew what from the ground up..
Ray Rousseau 3
Boing knew,
john kilcher 3
airuphere 1
Again.. in court .. prove it? There’s more of a burden than that.
Ric Wernicke 1
So the State owned agency is suing because the 737 Max is defective? Yes there are serious problems with that airplane, but have you ever flown on Russian passenger airplanes? All I'll say is that they are "an interesting collection of noises."
william baker -3
Turns head and looks at a Sukhoi Superjet 100. So your a perfect plane were as the Boeing 737 Max is a piece of junk??? From my knowledge nobody is buying the Superjet and airlines are also trying to get rid of what they have, Dear russian aviation and airlines. Look at yourself before judging others.
David Loh 1
Sorry tried to delete my comment but doesn't seem to be possible.
David Loh 1
Crazy link! Pay to read! Ferget it! Poster, do better next time ok?
David Loh 1
Apologies to OP!
Greg Mermel 1
My guess is that this has less to do with the 737 Max's genuine issues, and more about using those as an excuse to void purchase contracts Avia no longer wants.

Perhaps the growth forecasts were wildly over optimistic - they certainly wouldn't be the first airline to do that. Or their finances are too shaky to pay for and accept the aircraft.

And this won't stay in Cook County Circuit Court very long. Boeing will almost certainly ask that it be moved to federal court, which (to my amateur understanding) is virtually automatic based on the amount of money and/or the plaintiff not having any connections to Cook County.
paul gilpin 0
proof the rushans are in over their heads:
Cook County Circuit Court.

or as we in the US know it: Crook County Circuit Court.


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