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Vietnam Startup Bamboo Airways Eyes First Direct Flight to US Using Airbus A380s

Start-up carrier Bamboo Airways intends to launch Vietnam’s first direct flights to the US by early next year on a leased Airbus A380, signalling the ambition of the newest entrant to one of Asia’s fastest-growing aviation markets. ( Plus d'info...

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Relics 2
I’d love to read the article if it wasn’t hidden behind a paywall.
ToddBaldwin3 2
I have to agree with relics. I don't like articles that are behind paywalls.
James Simms 0
There’s another article on here that’s behind a paywall. Aggravating.
pilotjag 1
*A380. My mistake, didn't mean to make it plural
Scott Campbell 1
maybe an S version could save it ... nah
pipe dream as well, but maybe if its all economy :- )
Tim Lamborn 1
If it’s anything like their ferry service, I’ll pass.
hal pushpak 1
Re. the paywall. Just google it. There are other articles on this that are not behind a paywall..
matt jensen 1
indy2001 1
Useless link if we can't read it!

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