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British Airways 787 Grounding Continues As Air Belgium Lease Extended

British Airways has extended their lease of an Air Belgium A340 amid 787 groundings. Air Belgium’s A340 previously flew multiple routes on behalf of British Airways amid these groundings. Now, the aircraft will fly for a little longer to North Africa.British Airways used an Air Belgium A340 on routes from London to Toronto and Newark. Originally, the A340 was supposed to remain in operation until only mid-August. However, in a recent schedule update reported by Routes Online, the Airbus A340… ( Plus d'info...

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chalet 1
The 787 Max mess has grabbed all the attention from interested parties and nothing has been said until this announcement that clearly shows that the RR Trent troubles on the 787 are from from over. Does nyone know how many Dreamliners are Sleepingliners as of now due lack of engine spares. How much all of this in going to cost good ole RR.
chalet 3
CORRECTION.- The 737 Max 8 mess has grabbed all the attention .............
Max Welliver 0
Meanwhile all the GE operators are having a ball.
bettiem -5
Long, long ago I was a member of BOAC's Junior Jet Club. BOAC and BEA were THE only worthwhile airlines (with a courteous nod to PanAm). Evidently, The (flying) Queen is dead! But then so is the British Empire, thank goodness.

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