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De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Returns to the Skies

Longview Aviation Capital is resurrecting the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited name for the new entity that will govern its global Dash 8 aircraft business. That announcement came on June 3 with the formal completion of Longview’s acquisition of the entire Bombardier Dash 8 program, including the 100, 200 and 300 series and the in-production Q400. The Dash 8 joins Longview’s comprehensive portfolio of aircraft programs, including the Twin Otter and the DHC-1 through DHC-7 series, as well… ( Plus d'info...

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P Billard 5
bring back Beaver & Otter production
djames225 2
While it does build the updated DHC-2 Beaver, the DHC-2T Turbo Beaver, it does not build a DHC-3 Otter. It does build the DHC-6 Twin Otter, Series 400. Others it supplies parts and support for. It does this under it's Viking Air logo.
Quite the operations in Victoria BC and Calgary, and now Downsview.
Allan Bowman 2
Viking Air of BC has already done this and is building them.
Ken Jackson 2
They probably want the water bombers. We are going to need them...
djames225 2
Viking already has the water bombers for many that they have Downsview, great projects may yet happen.
It would not surprise me if they try and get funding to go after the Canadair Regional Jet. I know they could turn that around and make it profitable again.
CLauande 2
I'll be glad seeing an improved DHC-5 flying again!
djames225 2
Doubtful in the near future..for now the Twin Otter, and now the Dash series but an updated CL-415 may also be in the works.
That being said, yes a newer Buffalo would be great seeing flying again.
CLauande 1
Maybe, due to a strong tie with the Buffalo,flying over the Amazon skies, during the 70´s, with colors of Brazilian Air Force, to see a renewed Buffalo flying is a dream! But, aviation market will speak louder than old remembrances...
Glad to hear that a piece of history will soon return to the sky !!
omari zuberi 1
It will be great if they reintroduce improved versions of the dash 300. A viable craft for shorter runways . Great potential for sale in Africa and small island nations that have such runway's.
Tim Dyck 1
Northern Canada and Alaska also have a lot of short runways.
Alek Herman 1
matt jensen 0
Viking Air's parent company is Longview Aviation Capital

broken link.
Try one of these:
djames225 2
I'm glad Longview is bringing back the namesake. All the craft they make/service are ex De Havilland, so it makes it "home" again. BTW, which link is broken, matt?

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