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U.S. pilots demand better training if Boeing wants to rebuild trust in 737 MAX

American Airlines pilots have warned that Boeing Co.'s draft training proposals for the troubled 737 MAX do not go far enough to address their concerns, according to written comments submitted to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and seen by Reuters. (www.cbc.ca) Plus d'info...

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Michael Browaty 4
It is unfortunate, but I feel that the 73 Max program is doomed. When there is such a huge loss of human lives, not to mention the millions of dollars lost, no assurance from Boeing will soften the hearts of the flying public. The flying public are a lot smarter than we give then credit for. Removing the 737 Max insignia will not fool the public; especially when there are so many 73's around. You can bet your life, that every time a ticket is bought on a 737 the question " is it a 737 MAX?" will ne asked. Being part of the pilot brotherhood, I would think twice, maybe even 3 times before strapping myself into 73 Max.
patrick baker 2
somewhere within that request for more training is a kernel of necessity, a confidence-builder that must be adhered to. Once Boeing has recreated a safer 737MAX, they could run commercials using airline line pilots testifying to the safety of the aircraft, using their own self-preservation instincts as collateral. That may help a bit to overcome the reluctance of any flying public not inclined to use 737MAX aircraft, as well as any pilots reluctant to strap into this mutant that Boeing has created.
Bob Keeping 2
Big Brother safety "improvements" ALWAYS add risks. Seat belts and air bags make cars safer overall but introduce some NEW risks that are not aways considered. Air bags have killed many people, added cost, increased dangers during maintenance and driven up insurance rates. Most of those were not included in promotion.

DGR Rathborne 2
Hi ......Personally , i will not trust Boeing , or the FAA's assurance that the problem has been eliminated by a soft ware patch . The other matter is how to get the traveling public back on the Max . While the future holds a forth coming PR campaign by all types of media , be on the look-out of all Max - 8 and Max -9 markings on existing aircraft to be removed . If the flying public can not see these visible markings , the airlines can peddle
the 737 as any other model . Am i cynical ? You bet . But the bottom line is money and Boeings survival , and the investment of Airlines owning this product . Some how they got to get the Max and passengers back in the air . But i still do not trust the powers to be . This is my humble opinion .
SorenTwin 1
Oh, there's a concern over the hourly rates for simulators?

Can't believe I just read that. This way of thinking is what started this whole mess. It's not all about saving money, Boeing.
jean pierre LHonneur 1
Pitch down device works pretty good on T. Tails aircrafts
Problème is about the center of gravity witch is brought to the rear making this aircraft almost unstable .
This aircraft could be more difficult to flight in certain circumstances.
bettiem 1
It's a sad irony that Boeing will go down the toilet, and Airbus will flourish, because it did the unBoeing Airbussy thing of building in interference with the crew control environment.
Cansojr 1
Management is trying to over reach their domain into that of the pilots. That is as sensible as a dentist using a spoon to perform an extraction. Pilots with thousands of hours on a specific have a distinct feeling for the conventional 73
Cansojr 0
Sorry i meant to say 737 on the squawk above. The error is "73".

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