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Boeing sued by shareholders for fraud after deadly 737 crashes

Boeing is facing a lawsuit from shareholders who allege the aerospace giant defrauded them by failing to disclose safety issues with the 737 Max planes, which were grounded worldwide following two deadly crashes. ( Plus d'info...

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Kobe Hunte 3
all their problems are kind of unraveling every day. Ouch.
Jeffrey Bue 1
Boeing involved in a law-suit over the Max?? Who'd of thought? :)
George Cottay 1
The premise of the suit is interesting.

'The company and its top executives "effectively put profitability and growth ahead of airplane safety and honesty," the lawsuit alleges.'
Cansojr 0
A lawsuit against against an airline. Make no mistake I am on the side of the survivors. It will be difficult to win this case. The parties bring the suit have to provide criminal other words they have to prove Boeing planned these crashes or that criminal intent will be very hard to prove. You need a motive. Boeing didn't plan this at all so there is no motive. How successful would you be if your product crashes a lot.
Bill Harris 3
This is a civil suit, not a criminal prosecution. Intent and motive aren't necessary elements; negligence is.
Cansojr 0
Thanks for clarifying the legal side of the accident.
Kobe Hunte 1
how could they plan for a crash they didnt expect?
matt jensen 1
No a defective part will do it

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