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Southwest blasted for poor Max 8 customer service: 'They're kind of just saying, 'Too bad''

Southwest Airlines has legions of fans and sits atop countless industry rankings for its vaunted customer service. The airline has more than 2 million Twitter followers and 6 million Facebook fans, plus frequent flyers and once-a-year travelers who gush about its free checked bags, fare sales, flight attendants, fee-free ticket changes and new flights to Hawaii. Rare are nonstop rants. Until now. Southwest, which calls itself the love airline — the ticker symbol for its stock is LUV — is… (www.yahoo.com) Plus d'info...

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Lewis Tripp 1
I have not had any problems that Southwest hasn't handled to my complete satisfaction. They can't do miracles, that takes a lot higher authority.
Greg Skaradzinski 1
My wife and daughter's Southwest flight for a Spring Break trip from Denver to Charlotte was cancelled four times over a five day period. We finally cancelled it all together. All Southwest was able to do was offer a refund. We had a very disappointed six year old who wasn't able to see her grandparents.
Mark Weiser 1
"vaunted customer service????" You cannot be serious, either you have never been subjected to their "great"service, or you work for them. The only benefit they ever have had is they are cheap, plus they seem to fly just about anywhere, if you don't mid (and have the time) to stop 2 (min) or 3 times to change planes. Over a 27 year career, 1.5 million miles worth, I can honestly say I only flew them once. Over the strenuous objections of the bean counters at my corp HQ.
Ma and Pa kettle overrun the seat selection with their dawdling, the company could care less about comfort etc.
For cheap, bus like travel, they are ok, I guess, frankly I'll pay for the Delta or AA boys. As a pilot, I get pretty unnerved by the baby faced pilots as well...but that's just getting old I suppose.
George Cottay 1
It would have cost serious money for SWA to have enough planes in reserve to cover the MAX grounding.

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