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Amazon Air adds 20 Boeing 737-800BCF

Hebron - Amazon Air confirmed that it would add up to 20 Boeing 737-800BCF. Southern Air will provide crew and maintenance services for the new planes. The Boeing 737-800BCFs will be leased from a third party and sub-leased to Southern Air for a term of seven years with an extension option for three years. The first five aircraft will join the fleet of American E-commerce giant in the current fiscal year. The company may add up to 15 more with Southern Air in its sole discretion, which would… ( Plus d'info...

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Jim Smirh 2
"going to hurt fedex and brown"
Maybe not as much as you might think. FedEx quickly sold off its '37's when they proved to be too small.
Amazon may soon discover how expensive it is to use aircraft with less than 110% reliability of airframes and crews. Right now they are probably getting good discounts and preferred treatment from both these giant delivery company's. The folks who will get hurt the most will be the crews who get bumped to yet another low-cost bidder and Southern Air loses the contract. Many folks are already avoiding Amazon whenever possible. Like most retail giants, growing ones market share becomes more and more difficult.
Bob Keeping 2
You completely mis-use the concept of percentage. Reliability can NOT exceed 100 pecent
Kairho Carroll 0
Figure of speech. Allowed.
paul gilpin 2
all good points.
amazos piggy backs off the main routes of the freight carriers. amazos is about to find out what it is like to operate a designated carrier route.
all covered by freight carriers, are now going to be cutting into jeff's spare time to administer.
Ken Jackson 2
“Jeff” will not administer.
Kairho Carroll 1
I would certainly hope not!
rastapoodle 1
bizprop 2
Cool livery.
CDBrozovich 1
That white belly! Without it, they might get lost in the blue sky.
going to hurt fedex and brown
Cbro4 1
Can't wait to see these flying in and out of CVG! Hoping the deliveries start soon.

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