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China orders its airlines to suspend use of Boeing 737 Max aircraft

Either hard ball or concern or both relative to Boeing and US and would think Boeing now needs to work this and make public valid info. (www.cnbc.com) Plus d'info...

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Matt West 5
What happened to Boeing QC? In the last years, we’ve seen the 787 grounded due to fires, the USAF will no longer accept deliveries of their new tankers as they keep finding tools and parts left inside, and now their 737 is having issues.

They need to STOP letting the bean counters make decisions and put it all back in the hands of engineers and pilots...just like they did with the 777 which is a beautiful and reliable aircraft.
Shenghao Han 0
Shhh... don’t tell anyone this... when they take over MD they kept some of the managers from their commercial aviation...

(I am not targeting any specific individuals, just a speculation why they had those misstep since developing 747-400,777 and 737 NG aka after Boeing-MD merger)
Shenghao Han 0
Shhh... don’t tell anyone this... when they take over MD they kept some of the managers from their commercial aviation...

(I am not targeting any specific individuals, just a speculation why they had those mis-step since developing 747-400,777 and 737 NG aka after Boeing-MD merger)
racerxx 11
Cayman also joining the club. Hopefully more carriers join in to pressure Boeing and other safety boards to get to the bottom of this.

[This poster has been suspended.]

rapidwolve 2
"Why? There is eyewitness evidence that this could have been a bomb or something else. Stupid comment." Says the person who makes an even stupider comment.
racer's comment makes sense. Instead of Boeing and the safety boards sitting on their proverbial thumbs, this crash hopefully kicks them into a faster gear!

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michael burke 2
The "contradictory evidence" you spew is more likely about excessive speed at low altitude. Overspeed will cause aircraft vibrations, which promptly put the aircraft structural integrity at stake.
Smoke and debris is nothing new when it comes to aircraft nose-diving into the ground.
rapidwolve 3
WTH has racer's comment got to do about your stupid comment...like racer said, and I am sure many mnay others are in agreement with, hopefully this makes Boeing AND other safety boards get off their asses and get to the bottom of this quickly.
As far as contradictory evidence, all I see so far is hear-say evidence. No one knows for sure there was a fire BUT if Boeing AQND other safety boards get going, we will know SOONER rather than LATER!

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rapidwolve 0
I and racer never indicated manufacture not involved..just slow as molasses in a frozen January.
And yes folks are babbling about MCAS with little to no knowledge of it...INCLUDING the airlines...AND NOW BOEING brings out this "According to Boeing, the enhancements include updates to “the MCAS flight control law, pilot displays, operation manuals and crew training. The enhanced flight control law incorporates angle of attack (AOA) inputs, limits stabilizer trim commands in response to an erroneous angle of attack reading and provides a limit to the stabilizer command in order to retain elevator authority.”

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rapidwolve 3
Again, never mentioned not doing anything..Myself I meant taking mere months, not a year, to get the cause explained. And I am seeing no mob narrative, just concern that 2 of the exact same "new" aircraft have come down in months of 1 another. That and the flight stats shown look eerly familiar.
Chris B 2

Money making opportunity for people who short Boeing on the stock market
sharon bias 2
There probably aren't going to be any video's of the Ethiopian crash unlike the recent Atlas crash. The Ethiopian cows aren't talking. But a trail of debris is an easy clue that things were happening long before impact. The Lion plane crashed in the ocean with strong currents, so a debris field is going to get moved around fairly quickly. The black boxes in both planes are going to tell most of the story. Although government agencies can take months or years to issue final reports, we can only hope that if they find something critically wrong, they'll issue a warning immediately.
canuck44 4
Pressure from the pubic will help as well. Just encouraged my daughter to switch airlines when booked on a THY 737-8Max out of IST to an African destination. I expect there will be more groundings and full employment for Boeing spin doctors.
s s -4
I would be far more concerned with her taxi ride from the airport. Or crossing the street or taking a shower in the bathtub.
mbrews 1
Noticed that American Airlines operates most of their 737 MAX 8 fleet to and from the Miami, Florida base. Quite a few AAL MIA to Carribean and Central America destinations. Also quite a few Miami to Northeast USA for sun seekers, and (soon), spring break travel. Southwest moves their MAX 8 airframes all around USA. Noticed that United seems to be operating many 737 MAX 9 airframes in and out of Houston IAH, some Denver, some SFO to Hawaii. On Flightaware, interested folks can browse by aircraft type B38M and B39M
Shenghao Han 0
I don’t think there are many Max flying in China anyway, most likely the Chinese are saying “Oi, fix the damn plane before our delivery, we want to buy a working plane”
rapidwolve 2
When you have over 100 of 1 model aircraft pulled from service, such as what China, and a few other airlines have done, especially such a new craft, it sends signals..
Shenghao Han 3
Just done my math, turns out1/3 of Max flying were in China. Now that is serious.
s s 0
This just posted from Reuters seems to suggest a different cause than the Indonesia crash:

GARA-BOKKA, Ethiopia (Reuters) - The Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed killing 157 people was making a strange rattling noise and trailed smoke and debris as it swerved above a field of panicked cows before hitting earth, according to witnesses.
rapidwolve 1
Was reading a similar report yesterday...noise, pieces coming off and smoke coming from tail section..
Frank Harvey -2
While not ignoring this report it would be far more informative to know how much, if any, of this debris has been credibly physically observed, or recovered, or at least photographed, between the actual impact site and the start of the roll on the runway. If there is any debris more than a few hundred feet from the impact this incident would have to be considered very differently from the Lion Air one.

The statement that it "swerved above a field of panicked cows" raises some credibility questions in my mind. "Normal" noises from overhead a/c heard from the ground 50 to 60 km from an airport would be quite different to those heard from an a/c flying at 380 knots between 400 and 1,000 feet agl.
John Manley -4
fear mongering / sensationalist media has gotten to everyone... lol love it. Glad the FAA is actually has a brain.

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