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The Boeing 747 has flown the equivalent of 78% of the world’s population

Short but interesting - As we approach the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing 747 on February 9: From Boeing on social media: Another reason to love the 747! It has flown more than 5.9 billion people – the equivalent of 78% of the world’s population. ( Plus d'info...

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william baker 9
This is why she is called “THE QUEEN OF THE SKIES” She is a beautiful airplane inside and out. Passengers loved her and pilots adore her as she is a grace to fly. She’s so easy to handle and the sound of the engines shows she means business and is in a class of her own. Nothing has put classed her and nothing will. Let’s hope she stays around for years to come so your grand children maybe able to fly in one of these beautiful 747’s
william baker 9
Sorry that’s out classed her not put classed her. Stupid fat fingers.
Kobe Hunte 7
lol... i agree with you.. even if they have to get rid of these planes completely as many airlines have already did, the 747 will never be forgotten
Richard Orgill 4
Equal to the DC-3 in her days.
Kobe Hunte 1
Yup.. same story in two different generations
sparkie624 3
WOW... I knew she carried a lot, but never realized it was that much... She was certainly a Work Horse for many years!
Shenghao Han 2
747 is really a game changer, together with the 737 they made international travel accessible to middle class and general public.
John Rich 1
American flt 1 & 2 SFO/JFK. I was in 1st but learned that there was a piano bar in coach. Went and enjoyed but got tossed back to 1st. 1972 when it was good to fly.
The two flts departed at noon SFO/JFK. Did that a couple times. Enjoyed the upstairs lounge.
Good memories.
Kobe Hunte 1
wow that really does sound like good memories!
David Mortimer -3
Numbers can be mis-leading, I am someone that flew a lot of long-haul flights in the 70's, 80's and 90's mostly on 747s. My 150+ flights are probably counted as 150+ passengers rather than one little old me. However, than minor error in counting should not minimize what an amazing aircraft Boeing developed and the airlines flew. Among all the 747 variants, the 747SP was in a catagory of its own.
Shenghao Han 2
If you are wondering why you got so many downvotes, read the title again. The title nor the article claimed it actually carried 75% population in the world. Matter of fact 50% of the world are unfortunately in the less developed counties and can’t really afford to travel on 747.
How they did their math is simple, number of pax per flight * flight.
And realistically their estimate is over estimate as well since they usually only count scheduled flights and assume they are full or at least 98% full.

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