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A Boeing 777 intended for Zimbabwe Airways has now a new owner due to delayed payment

The wide-body registered 9M-MRL, had already been painted with the livery of Zimbabwe Airways. But it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Kansas City instead of Harare on November 16 for a new customer. The “Z” and “W” letters on the livery were removed to hide the name of the company. The new owner of the device is the U.S carrier Jet Midwest, according to rumors. The initial plan was to acquire four Boeing 777-200ER that were removed from the fleet of Malaysia Airlines. But the airline has managed so… ( Plus d'info...

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Patrick Smith 2
Don't know why any company, in any industry, still deals with Zimbabwe, - they never pay for anything anyway!
jbermo 0
"In March 2016, Malaysian Airlines . . . retire all seven Boeing 777s in the fleet because of the bad luck attributed to the aircraft type." Asian superstition with the number "7"??
Andre Amaral 1
Of all their 777s, one went missing and another one was shot down shortly after... asians are superstitious people! :-p

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