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Airbus launches pilot training programme for high school graduates

Airbus predicted that a total of 540,000 new pilots will be needed over the next two decades., and to help meet this demand, it is launching the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme to include ab initio training. The programme is being launched in partnership with Escuela de Aviacion Mexico (EAM), located near to the Airbus Mexico Training Centre. After completing their initial training with EAM, cadets will qualify at the Airbus Mexico Training centre to become Airbus A320 pilots. ( Plus d'info...

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Edward Bardes 3
If it's cheaper than other flight schools, I'd likely consider joining.
jptq63 2
So, how much different is it really from earning (vs. just getting) your wings from any other aviation school; i.e. who is paying for it?
Stephen Hewitt 1
I have flown KLM many times. The best airline in food and service,staff, etc. I flew from Piraeus, Greece to Amsterdam one time, all drinks complimentary. Never made it to London that night!
Leon Kay -1
Great initiative from Airbus.
Hopefully they will also teach their cabin crew staff a better command of the English language and to be more friendly and tolerant towards non-French speaking passengers.
wdurrett 3
I was not aware Airbus as a company operated commercial flights. Can you tell me the flight you were on where the cabin crew was not "tolerant?" What was the route?
Leon Kay 1
Sorry, it was an oversight on my side. You are correct in saying that Airbus does not operate commercial flights.
Our most unpleasant experience was with Air France on AF0990 from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Johannesburg, South Africa on 9 April. To say the staff was not tolerant is actually and understatement - I should have said "outright rude". The person in charge of our section of the Airbus A380 had my wife in tears more than once.
Stan Smith 2
If you haven't written to Air France ab out it you should. As an interesting aside my wife and I flew on KLM which is owned by Air France and she said that the cabin crew was the nicest most considerate she had ever had.
KLM is a totally different experience. This company is excellent. It is historic the French hate the English. Should you have no choice other than to go Airfrance, which is a different company and management although owned by KLM, tell them you are a posh Scotsman. It works sometimes.
louis simons 1
Air France owns KLM, not the other way around.

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