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Boeing postpones decision for the 797 "Middle of Market" aircraft

Farnborough - The program launch announcement of the Boeing's long-discussed MoM (Middle of the Market) aircraft was being expected in Farnborough Air Show this week. But, Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg said yesterday in London the company wants to assure there is a firm marketing case before launching the program. (airlinerwatch.com) Plus d'info...

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At 228 pax, the proposal wouldn'tsuit SWA which is planning for the inevitable demise of the 737.

Boeing's 797 needs to fill the gap between the 150 and 225 pax plane..., or Airbus will.
flypilot12 4
Just bring the 757 back with a composite airframe like they did with the 747-8.
Bob Keeping 2
757 was a great platform - esp with the RR engines.
patrick baker 1
what else does boeing need to know, how many other airlines must say they want the 797 in large numbers, and what is the point of further delay?
Torsten Hoff 1
They are getting conflicting requirements from airlines in different markets. Asian carriers want to have more cargo capacity than most others, who in turn don't want the extra space for cargo to go unused.
James Simms 3
In trying to please everyone, they’ll please no one. May run the risk of being like the infamous Ford Edsel, studied so much it could be a flop when introduced.
Em Fairley 2
Same goes for the A380. A marketing wonder which became an unsellable behemoth
Edward Bardes 2
Can't they just produce multiple variants of the 797 with different amounts of cargo space and passenger space?
Bob Keeping 2
Called a COMBI - like in 737's - not as simple as you might think - doors are the first problem

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