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Escaped Monkey Captured At San Antonio Airport

SAN ANTONIO (CBS News) — Authorities say a monkey went bananas after escaping from its crate Monday at the San Antonio International Airport, CBS affiliate KENS-TV reports. The monkey made its escape as it was being transported from a plane to the baggage area. San Antonio Police said officials cornered the animal inside a room at the airport around 3:45 p.m. local time. ( Plus d'info...

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ToddBaldwin3 10
Just monkeying around. Ok, I;ll go sit in time out now.
Peter Maas 2
It could be a COMFORT animal.
George Gould 3
Airlines are having a pilot shortage. Monkey could be in the left seat..
sparkie624 -3
I thought some already were... LOL!
Greg Mermel -1
Thanks, Roseanne!
Good thing there weren't more of them. 'cuz no one wants gorillas in their midst.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Groan. Lets not go ape over this.
ajagostini 2
Damn dirty apes!
WeatherWise 2
That's not nice...he may have showered before the trip.
AWAAlum 1
Poor thing - he was probably protesting having to ride in the cargo bay. Who can blame him?
Bernie20910 3
Better seats and more room than coach.
sparkie624 0
Another version of the article:
James Simms 0
Shock the Monkey

George Taylor: Take your stinking paws off me, you da*ned dirty ape!
paul gilpin 0
another article with that tarmac thingy.
yet, no one will tell me where the tarmac is.
Same with golf. People refer to "sand traps" all the time, but all I ever see are bunkers.
Bernie20910 3
The sand traps are trapped in the bunkers of course.
Bernie20910 0
So, who gets to pay for the delays and disruption this caused? The Primate Sanctuary for not using a secure crate? The airline for accepting the crate for transport if it was inadequate (or anything their people may have done to cause it to open while being moved)? This obviously costs money to someone, likely multiple someones, and they'll want to recoup that.
WeatherWise 7
I think the story was posted for a chuckle. Nothing to go ape about.
sparkie624 1
Actually I thought it was my Sister! :)
WeatherWise 1
Better hope she doesn't read this...
sparkie624 0
LOL... If she did, she would certainly laugh about it, and in her own way... Agree... On going joke from Childhood!
btweston 2
I suppose you could ask that question about... literally everything.

Thoughts = provoked
Leo Cotnoir -4
I hope it was able to safely complete its trip to its new job in the White House.
Dan Grelinger 0
There always will be someone...

It was a test. And you flunked.

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