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Photos: Air NZ’s damaged B787 engine

Photos of one of Air New Zealand's Boeing 787 Dreamliner engines which failed this week in-flight show damage to multiple turbine blades, at the rear, suggesting a part broke off and travelled through the engine. ( Plus d'info...

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Funny that the press isn't all over this. OH!! Wait, there were no injuries or loss of life!!
I certainly saw a lot of reporting on this in the mainstream media - when this happened 5 months ago with frequent updates ever since.
patrick baker 2
this was not reported because there are more than just a few similar instances lately . although boeing and the engine manufacturer know about these things. The prematurely malfunctions in engines have removed the letters ETOPS from the really great marketing factors for 787 salesman, and i would like to be a fly on the wall when the boards of aircraft leasing companies get together.
RiSK 1
"Last updated 15:22, December 8 2017"
Richard Smith -1
Old News. MH370 must be trying to smirch Boeing's good name. Why?? Airbus connection?

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