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LOT Boeing 787 over Atlantic on Mar 23rd 2018, engine shut down in flight

A LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration SP-LRF performing flight LO-6506 from Cancun (Mexico) to Warsaw (Poland), was enroute at FL390 over the Atlantic Ocean about 440nm southwest of Bermuda (Bermuda) when the crew needed to shut one of the engines ( Plus d'info...

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I'm curious as to why the crew chose to fly to JFK rather then BDA.
Chris B 2
I suspect Company orders. LOT has two flights a day from JKF to Warsaw. Passengers suffered much less disruption their schedules than they would have had BDA been chosen.

However they did fly over two hours on one engine, a theoetical ETOPS violation had there not been other diversion airports en route.
Shenghao Han 1
787 have 330 min ETOPS which is 5 and half hours. Since I thought which airport to divert is always pilot's discretion, so if the pilots are comfortable flying on one engine for that long, they might even fly all the way to destination airport. (Of course if I know an airline might do that, I may go with others instead...)
shrudini 1
It is a "Boeing 787-8", not a "Boeing 787-800"
linbb 4
He only cares about posting Boing problems for some reason so type of AC isn't important.
mike SUT 5
It's Boeing not Boing...... :-)
pilotjag 4
Agreed. It getting old and annoying
Martin Haisman 1
So was this a Boeing 787-800 problem or a Rolls Royce Trent 1000 G1 problem?
Goodyear - I think they made the tires.
Ha! Checked and they are actually Bridgestone's!

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