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India demand for new aircraft forecast at 1,750 over 20 years

India will require 1,750 new passenger and cargo aircraft over the next 20 years to meet an exponential rise in both passenger and freight traffic, according to Airbus’ latest India Market Forecast. To help meet this growth, India will need 1,320 new single-aisle aircraft and 430 wide-body aircraft valued at US$255 billion. ( Plus d'info...

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Atanu Dey 2
That works out to around 90 new aircrafts per year. I wonder how many existing ones will be retired.

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narayan 1
Your comment doesn't make much sense. Do you understand what you are saying? Most Indians who "bother you on the phone" reside abroad (as in India). So they are already there - "where they come from". And those who come here, tend to not scurry across the border and can be stopped by US immigration policy. Simple enough for you?

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