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Ryanair pilot group calls for CEO O'Leary's resignation

A pilot group that helped spearhead a staff revolt at Ryanair (RYA.I) last year has called on Chief Executive Michael O‘Leary to resign in the latest sign of strains in staff relations at Europe’s largest low-cost airline. ( Plus d'info...

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Cormac Clancy 2
So the guys who wouldn't HAVE a job without O'Leary's pioneering spirit and workable LCC model now
want that person to go, so they can change the model to something that will mean they'll maybe lose their job - or that they'll keep THEIR job, but others just won't get a job, because more jobs won't be there. Brilliant.
I trust mr O'Leary will respond by telling them to F!!! Off, who do they think they are?
The unions have destroyed many airlines, hopefully they will not get their way with Ryanair!
ingridschober 0
So do I, I trust.Mr.O'Leary....crazy staff idea.....last comment of Pat P.excellent......
I also think its time he went lets get someone thats knows about working with your staff good bye mick

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