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Airbus Outlines Brexit Risks to UK Facilities

Airbus has warned that Brexit could jeopardise the UK's role as the airframer's primary location for wing design and manufacturing. (www.flightglobal.com) Plus d'info...

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indy2001 2
Brexit should not have any significant impact on the UK's participation within the Airbus family. It will only be an issue if Airbus wants to make it an issue. The US certainly isn't part of the EU and yet Airbus built a huge plant there. Considering Airbus' history of questionable decisions and its current financial problems, it would be ridiculous to close existing facilities that cost millions to build and which are well integrated into Airbus' manufacturing process. The cost of training new workers would also be significant. However, it is Airbus that we're talking about, so logic doesn't necessarily factor into the final decision.
matt jensen 0
BS. No it won't.
Randall Kimm 0
You are absolutely right Matt. Roger it's clear from your statement that you have probably never done repetitive tasks like on an assembly line. A person will be on probation, initiates start with simple tasks. As their skills along with dexterity will improve as they gain more experience. The extremely intricate tasks are left for the veterans who can work anywhere on the line. Elaborate testing is conducted for example; Pratt & Whitney, GE, CFM and Rolls Royce to name a few. At Rolls Royce extensive testing is conducted for potential candidates. If you have a cadre of excellent candidates with professional trainers takes a couple of days or weeks maximum. Every company on the planet would fold for a lack of employees. Remember "Rosie the Riveter". I rest this case. companies want to keep valued and talented employees. If a company moves to a new location they usually will provide their employees assistance moving. You want to keep your talented assets that's why this kind of program I had at 2 full-time jobs I had after I finished advanced Academic Training to deal with CRM.
Roger Deeringer -1
Unintended consequences. Perhaps the engineers won't relocate, and it will take too long to train a new workforce, plus the loss of experience. Then there is the cost of facilities to consider. One bad design and Airbus will loose the recently gained economic advantage and Boeing soars. :) This is just one major failing of the Brexit strategy. Reactionary political moves always cost more than originally thought.
patrick baker -1
any divergence from regular manufacturing flows will tilt the airbus programs into malfunction, and cause delays and higher costs- things airbus can not afford under any circumstances. Duplication of factories is a cost that can not be overcome, nor the delays, nor the costs of moving or hiring personnel outside of England. I will watch and see how these are addressed and overcome.

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