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UK passenger tax to rise yet again

APD is already the world’s highest tax of this nature. Currently, rates for economy-class passengers are £13 ($17) for short-haul flights (within 2,000 miles of London) and £75 for long-haul (more than 2,000 miles). Business-class passengers pay £26 and £150 for short- and long-haul journeys respectively. ( Plus d'info...

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Michael Lager 2
This tax needs a redesign because at the moment it is just extracting money from travellers. It could encourage greater use of capacity on flights, and it could encourage non-hub airports. This is easy to achieve by shifting the tax on to the flight as a whole, and by differentiating rates between hub and non-hub airports. The total tax take need not alter. Just raising rates as proposed is naive because elementary economics tells us that when the price at which anything is offered goes up, then less is bought, and this applies to taxes too. But I'm not betting on logic underpinning government decisions.
Ron Nash 1
The UK Govt has to find their £50B Brexit divorce settlement from somewhere - and all those tourist sheep arriving daily, look like they're good to be bled on a larger scale. Just one more reason to find destinations that don't rip you off in a major fashion the minute you touch down.
Unfortunately, there are many Govts around the world who operate in exactly the same manner - but in many others, the funds go direct to the countrys rulers.
With the current state of the Pound I doubt many will be feeling ripped-off!
Geoff Lane 1
Governments only know how to tax - not to use it effectively. Just raise money then waste it.
We're taxed to the hilt in the UK. Everything except food. If I was younger I'd be of out of this Country in a flash and even then be taxed on my last flight out. Rip off Britain indeed.
Dean Butler 2
Hope Jeremy Corbin is never PM. That is when I would leave.
joe flor 4
Hi everyone, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this but...
Britain is not alone on this matter. Europe wide and probably worldwide in many democratic nations there is a solution for political straight from school books economics for many politicians. Lower wages and social benefits and raise taxes on all corners. That ways these thick as bricks economist can finance their rather huge wages and cover the large holes created by years of bad blind investments on foreign Shares and Currencies which led to the situation we have everywhere right now as well and worst, to the social division we have in the world, indeed UK and USA, when at this stage we all should be living in a peaceful manner and diverting our attention to creating a better world for all our off spring both environmentally and economical.
Lower wages for the pawns mean less spending power and FIAT money requires spending to make money go around. Lower interest rates on savings means less money and once again less spending. Higher taxes work the same way as you well stated. a lot of people have moved only to discover that the grass is not always greener over there. The weather might be better but...
Which you all good health, peace and a wonderfull Christmas and New Year.
Joe Flor
gwapo santa 1
another rip off by the UK
Dean Butler 1
Yes, yet another example of Rip Off Britain. This one is actually a form of extortion -- forcing money from people who have no real options. And, the tax proceeds do not go into improving UK airports. Tax proceeds go into general treasury funds. An average transatlantic plane load will attract a tax of about £30,000 -- ridiculous.
linbb 1
Just like the left in the states they never saw a tax they didn't like.

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