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U.S. Air Force Probes Midair Scrapes of Planes by Boeing Fuel Tankers

The U.S. Air Force is investigating multiple instances of scrapes on aircraft caused during mid-air refueling performed by Boeing Co.’s new KC-46 tanker. ( Plus d'info...

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jthyland 2
How bout a drogue system? USN, USMC, and rest of world use it daily without problems. 46 could handle 1, 2,or 3 baskets at once.
Tom Pera 4
seems like the old boom that's been on the KC135 for 60 years would have been good enough... tried and true... AF always trying to unnecessarily "gold plate" great cost and complexity
Sam Johnson 3
I think it is a good idea to attempt to upgrade the boom operation. First attempts are normally not perfect. Boeing will get it working and it may be better than the 60 year old design. There have been many improvements over the last 60 years. Would you like to go to cars that were made 60 years ago, Tom? They were death traps next to what we have today.
Tom Pera 2
agree.... it's just that the AF tries to go beyond current technology... they've gold-plated the F22 and had to cut it because of cost... and they've spent 15 years developing the F35...and it still doesn't work well... I'm all for the best for our military but sometimes that means sticking with things that work...
djames225 1
Sorry Sam but I disagree..the cars made 60 yrs ago can still stand the test of time..the reason you may think of them as "death traps" (Id much rather be in 1 0f those and get hit than the newer plastic mobiles)is that society as a whole has become too dang dependant on "automation help"...I dont care what Boeing does, you still cannot fully duplicate "eyes on"
James Driskell 1
Can't have the boomer lying down on the job. As Bert Lance said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and it sounds like the old way wasn't broke.
djames225 0
The boomer was doing better laying down on the job...the old way ism't broke, but the AF higher ups can't/won't get their perverbial heads out of their asses and listen..that old saying you quoted still and will always hold true.

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