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American Airlines flight from Manchester to New York is forced to turn back after ‘mid-flight emergency’

An American Airlines flight from Manchester to New York City was forced to turn back to England today after declaring an emergency over the Irish Sea. The flight to JFK was due to take seven hours after leaving at 10.23am, but turned around east of Dublin and landed back at Manchester about an hour later at 11.24am... ( Plus d'info...

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Bernie20910 1
So, if there were a problem with one engine, as tweeted by one passenger, why not land in Irland instead of flying all the way back to Manchester? Too heavy with fuel for the available runways? That would be my guess, but then, why not dump fuel and land instead of an over water flight back to Manchester?

Does anyone have more information?
The same flight is not having much luck today either. It's just landed in New York having been initially diverted to Philadelphia!
Nigel Shore 1
I doubt AA have any engineering facility in Ireland so returning quite safely on one engine to Manchester would make sense, dumping fuel over the Irish sea
Bernie20910 1
I suppose it would depend on what the exact problem was. Personally, I'd be concerned about an over water flight with just one engine if I didn't have a really good idea of what happened to the first engine, regardless of if my carrier had facilities in Ireland or not.

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