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Math Causes Delay

A professors math equations cause a flight to be delayed. ( More...

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It's obvious this guy is a member of the terror group Al Gebra.
woodrich 21
He should be blackboarded.
Or cancelled out.
dodger4 1
Well, he wasn't blackbearded, so there was a profiling error in the solution iteration
I think blackbeard was a pilot, nope a pirate
ToddBaldwin3 5
johntalley1 3
Wow thats a good one haha
Suresh Mukhi 2
You may be on to something. According to Wikipedia, from Arabic "al-jabr" meaning "reunion of broken parts". :)
djames225 2
Are you sure? could be Cal Culious
Paul Smith 2
What's wrong with these people! Don't they believe in intergralation?
Cal Keegan 26
...because nothing shouts terrorist quite so much as a guy trying to solve a differential equation with a pencil and paper.
well I was terrorized by a differential equation or two in school, however I hope, that the idiot who cried terrorist gets an education.
sparkie624 7
Geez... I remember Geometery and Trig and GEEZ.. I have had more than one equation to blow up one me... LOL... But it never exploded so to speak... Only thing it brought down was my Grade ;(
joel wiley 3
She is not the first person to manifest an allergic reaction to calculus.
What may help is "Calculus Made Easy" by Silvanus Thompson published 10/9/1912 and available at I sure wish my teacher had read it!
W B johnson 1
Joel, I did extremely well in all the math courses my high school offered, was fortunate to be a National Merit Scholar, and went to Grinnell College on scholarship where I was placed in Calculus 101 (or whatever they called it). Damn near failed it, actually should have but the prof never wanted to see me again. Never understood a thing they were talking about.
I downloaded "Calculus Made Easy" at your suggestion, read the first chapter, and now understand more than I did at the end of an entire semester of calc. I'm 71 y/o and can't wait to finish that book! Thank you SO much for that reference!!
joel wiley 1
I understand. I confronted calculus thrice. Each time there came a point where I walked into class and the instructor spoke an indecipherable foreign language with no rosetta stone available. That was back in the last millenium.
Cal Keegan 5
That was funny, Timothy.
Lucio DiLoreto 12
This woman may be too stupid to be flying in a commercial airplane and there is no cure for stupidity.
tom treutlein 1
More likely mental illness than stupidity. Nevertheless I'd be inclined to rebook her a day or two later.
mags stumpp 6
We all know that economists are weapons of mass destruction.
Suresh Mukhi 3
Perhaps you mean Math Destruction. :)
iflyfsx 4
Wrong headline. Math doesn't cause delay. ****** moron causes delay.
iflyfsx 4
I should have said morons, plural. Whoever decided to delay the flight because some moron saw some math and got scared, is also a special kind of moron.
Al at 5 AM That's priceless
A130STB 3
Well after all the pen (pencil) is mightier than the sword
lrribeiro 3
Math destruction weapons are a threat to mankind!
Barry Freese 2
I've read books on formal logic (which makes even diff. eq. look "human readable") and transfinite mathematics on an airplane (I've got a degree in pure mathematics) and I've never been accused of being a terrorist. People have asked what I'm reading, and I'll politely answer, at which point they become immediately sorry they asked.
Dave Wood 2
More from the land of the fee and the home of the fraid.
Hydrodinamically speaking he would have found that the zero sitting to his left was actually the root cause to the disturbing delay!!
eyeguy2020 2
Why did the crew listen to a person saying things like that?
Roger Curtiss 4
I see stories such as this and my immediate reaction is surprise that people can be so narrow-minded and ignorant. Then I remember that Trump is a presidential nominee and it suddenly gains perspective.
Ruger9X19 2
If he was a Keynesian and not Austrian economist, he kind of deserves to be kicked off.
joel wiley 5
Hasn't been said that if you laid all the economists end to end, they still would not reach a conclusion?
Ruger9X19 3
Judging by the votes. My joke Mises the point.
What a ignorance of the "fellow passenger"! And it happened in a developed country, not in a Third World place... Here in Brazil we know Math!
john brewer 1
the TSA and the DHS, HAVE TO GO. It was out of control when it first started, but , the past 5 or so years its gotten just flat STUPID. I say WE have burned enough of OUR money on this scam. Time to end this stupidity. I don't get it. they harp on a Teacher, yet this stewardess still has her job? WHY?
David Loh 1
Another weapon for TSA to look out for in carry on bags. Sharpened Pencils. Can be lethal. It can be used for Stabbing, Writing ("TAKE ME TO CUBA!") and even worse calculating how to carry out a terrorist plot.
dodger4 0
I've got no problems with her paranoia...only her math.

Actually a little paranoia is healthy.
Jim Thompson -1
Personally, I commend her for saying something. She was unsure and let someone know... Isn't that the right thing to do? Big deal if the flight was delayed. Most people think flights need to work like clockwork. Guess what people, they don't. Threads like this won't help someone that knows something but is afraid to bring it to someone's attention fearing the backlash on the internet. The thread would look way different if it happened 9/11/2001. Just sayin


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