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FlyDubai Crash Points Up Go-Around Issues

Regardless of the ultimate outcome of the investigation into the March 19 FlyDubai Flight 981 (FZ981) accident, the timing of the crash—during an attempted go-around—is sure to reignite pressure from safety advocates for better pilot training on the complex but rarely performed procedures. ( Plus d'info...

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linbb 5
Is more than just go around its why continue the approach in bad weather.
crk112 2
I can't read the whole article without logging in ???
MrTommy 0
Me too. It's like clicking on an article in the WSJ, and finding that you really can't read it without subscribing.
ADXbear 2
How about flying to the alternate.....
Jakub Bialek 1
Another Smoleńsk, another russian airspace fatal crash...
Tom Zaidman 1
Years ago a TWA flight crashed in Milanos International airport in heavy fog. Then discovered Captain wanted to be that evening with his Italian girl friend!
Ricky Scott 1
In Naval Aviation we called it "gethomeitus"
Bernhard Carl 1
chuck berlin 1
i may be missing something but he reports that i read stated that after his second missed approach, he circled for 2 hours...

at the point he made the final approach decision, my guess is that he didn't have enough fuel to get to his alternate.

Anyway, there is no other explantation for this other than bad cockpit management and poor pilot training..

this is why i simply won't fly these budget airlines..
allench1 1
Chuck they still had hours of fuel after their hold. I would guess your second point is more likely accurate.
chuck berlin 1
didn't know this.... i thought that the range of this was just short of 3000MN which gives it between 5-6 H of flying -according to flightaware, the flight lasted for 6+H

Anyway, these airlines in Russian airspace are not for me!!!
allench1 3
I agree. The flight manager had 8 hours of fuel loaded because of the weather and being in Russia. When one views the plane breaking out of the overcast and u see the landing light he is in a near level approach and within a second he noses over to an approximate AOD of 70+ degrees. Stall from ice or disconnecting the AP and did not check his trim. Sad no matter what really hsppened
Edward Davis 1
Presumably they were using the autoflight system? Depending on type approach being flown, there are procedures that require 0 zero in tbe altitude window during some phase of the approach. Guess where jet goes if you hit GA? Up is not the correct answer!

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