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10 Amazing Pilots You've Probably Never Heard of

There have been millions of pilots and a few hundred really great ones, those whose achievements pushed the boundaries of flight. Names like Neil Armstrong, Charles Lindbergh, Chuck Yeager, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Manfred von Richtofen, and Amelia Earhart are familiar to aviators and non-fliers alike. Others, like those featured here, are known to aviation history buffs and to almost no one else. Even for many of our readers, we suspect that most of these names and stories will be brand new.… ( Plus d'info...

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Patrick Day 2
Where's "40 Second Boyd"? No list like this could be complete without him...
jan burden 1
Good call on John Boyd!
Ric Wernicke 2
There are many fine pilots on that list, but it is incomplete without Preacher1.

Martin Haisman 2
Preacher1 was well known and respected and of an era most of us can only dream of. definitely not in the banner of pilots you you've probably never heard of.
Bernie20910 1
We lost Preacher1? When, how? I've been sick for a few months and out of the loop.
Eve Olson 2
They missed Amy Johnson too.
Martin Haisman 1
Except she very well known of.
Martin Haisman 1
Impressed as most are not listed in the history books.
Greg Held 1
How can I read it I just saw 1 picture no stories
Eve Olson 2
There's a little arrow midway up on the right side.
John Atherton 1
How about John Myers...of Northrop and also of P38 fame and the first flying wing?
Marc Dunand 1
Following Jacqueline Auriol to Wikipedia because the article stated that she flew the Concorde (I assume as a Test Pilot), the Wiki article has no mention of this...?

Anyone keen to get the Wiki entry fleshed out a little?

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