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Icelandic airline WOW offers scheduled flights between Iceland and LA and SF in 2016

Icelandic airline WOW will launch directs flights between Keflavík International Airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco in the summer of 2016. This will be the first time an Icelandic airline offers direct scheduled flights to Los Angeles. ( Plus d'info...

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This almost covers the entire US west coast now, with Icelandair having nonstop service from Portland (KPDX) to Reykjavik (BIRK) in a B752. Wonder if they'll start a Las Vegas run anytime soon...
Josh Schwartz 1
I think you mean Seattle
Nope.. mean Portland.
Mike Boote 1
Well - - why not Las Vegas?
Alan Dahl 1
The Portland service is seasonal, Seattle is served year-round.
That's an invitation for another bankruptcy...
matt jensen 1
Not if they limit it to two flights/week
Mike Boote 1
I love the quote: "WOW planes will be equipped with 340 seats, for added legroom and comfort, according to the airline’s founder and CEO, Skúli Mogensen." Mergatroid!!!
Torsten Hoff 1
I just checked, Airbus can cram up to 440 seats into those things in an all-economy layout. So it isn't as dense as it could be, but I doubt it is spacious if you're not in the front of the plane.
Tom Johnson 1
I take it they mean nonstop. In airline-speak "direct" means the same aircraft with one or more stops. Only "nonstop" is without an enroute stop or landing.
japanjeff 1
I saw the bright purple livery and went "Wow", hehe :)

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