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Airbus to increase A320 production rate

Airbus has decided to further increase the production rate of its best selling A320 single aisle jet family following high demand and impressive backlog. ( Plus d'info...

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Brian James 1
Hey Boeing...what's up? You're falling behind...
Al Palmer 1
I agree! If it wasn't for their state-of-art Dreamliner, they would be in big trouble. So sad to see this happening to a once formidable aerospace leader.
James T -1
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Airbus to take A320 rate to 60 with new Hamburg line

Airbus is to raise its monthly production rate of A320-family aircraft to 60 jets in mid-2019, by opening a new line at Hamburg.

The airframer, which has been considering a hike in the rate to meet strong demand for its re-engined A320neo, has confirmed the decision following supply-chain analysis.

Airbus says it has carried out “thorough” studies on whether the chain and its assembly sites – which include the new plant at Mobile in Alabama – can handle the rate increase.

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