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Flight attendants file lawsuit against Boeing alleging toxic air exposure

Four flight attendants filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Boeing alleging they were exposed to toxic air aboard a commercial flight from Boston to San Diego. The flight, which happened in 2013, was forced to make an emergency landing in Chicago after three of the four flight attendants on board lost consciousness and had to be rushed to a hospital. Two years later, all four flight attendants claim they suffer health problems, including memory loss and tremors. ( Plus d'info...

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Did any of the passengers suffer similar problems? If no, then perhaps the flight attendants were exposed to toxic air or some other substance prior to takeoff. Is there a section of the aircraft that uses an air system isolated from the passengers? I doubt there is so it seems strange that they were the only ones affected.
wx1996 1
This was the first one on flightaware

the next one
linbb 1
Find the rag that printed the story couldn't figure out what AC they were using. Going to the other thread on here stated 737. Another thing is none of the pax had any problems. Also the flight crew didn't either and they would be on the AC either before or as long as the flight attendants.
joel wiley 1
typewriter + $200 filing fee = lawsuit.

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